The Worst Graphic in the History of Sports Media

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“Clown Question, Bro” Comes to Jeopardy

Don’t get it wrong: Alex Trebeck is a hip cat. Continue Reading →

Bryce Harper Has Many Eyes

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Bryce Harper Tells Little Leaguers to be “Sexy”

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Bryce Harper’s At-Bat Music: Bieber, Naturally

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The Inevitable Bryce Harper “Clown Question, Bro” Mashup

There have been many clowns throughout history, bro. Continue Reading →

Bryce Harper Receives Clown-Related Question from Bro Reporter

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Santa Taking Notice of Bryce Harper’s Thrilling Start

After hitting his first big league homer in Monday night's game against the Padres, it wasn't just the fans and the media taking note of 19-year-old phenom Bryce Harper. ... Continue Reading →

Cole Hamels Apologizes for Not Hitting Bryce Harper in His Stupid Face

Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels has admitted that he hit Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on purpose in the first inning Sunday night, and today apologized for the act. "I ... Continue Reading →

Bryce Harper’s First Major League Hit Featured a Fan’s Butt

Many people do say that Bryce Harper is an ass, so this is somewhat fitting. Continue Reading →

Bryce Harper: Phenom of Douchery

He has the potential to be the greatest brah baseball player of all-time. Continue Reading →

Who is Bryce Harper?

Baseball phenom Bryce Harper will be the first pick in the Major League Baseball draft. He has been dubbed “The Chosen One” bySports Illustrated. Who is this guy? Here are ... Continue Reading →