VIDEO: Iman Shumpert Made Paul Pierce Look Like a Very Old Man

Paul Pierce’s ankles leave behind two creaky knees. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Orlando Magic Score on Themselves

Let’s just celebrate that they’re scoring at all. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: CNN Thinks All Gay Athletes Look Alike

Why is Jason Collins wearing shoulder pads to play basketball? Seems a bit soft to me. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Paul McCartney Desperately Wanted a Brooklyn Nets T-Shirt

Someone well past his prime at a Brooklyn Nets game? Well, that’s just the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Deron Williams’ Ankles are No More Thanks to Chris Paul and a Teammate

Your 2013 Brooklyn Nets. Continue Reading →
Kidd BR

Jason Kidd Spills Acid All Over His Team

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd accidentally tripped and fell today, knocking over a giant barrel of hydrofluoric acid which spilled all over his players, burning and melting their ... Continue Reading →

Mayor Bloomberg Bans Basketball in New York City

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg passed a new law today that bans professional and collegiate basketball teams in the city, citing research showing that the New York Knicks and ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Brooklyn Nets Mascot is in Preseason Form

Now he has to deal with the disappointed glares of Kevin Garnett. Continue Reading →

Deron Williams Pushing Down a Little Kid

Flopper! That kid is a flopper! Continue Reading →

Brook Lopez Dunks on Robin Lopez Like a Big Mean Jerk

He bullied him in the womb, as well. Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Net You Never Heard of Sets NBA Record for Consecutive Airballs

At least I hope that's an NBA record. Continue Reading →

Andray Blatche Takes a Pass Off the Face

His face for NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Continue Reading →

Fan Thinks Kris Humphries is Filthy and Disgusting

She probably realized she is now covered in Kim Kardashian's STDs. Continue Reading →