VIDEO: Watch Brooklyn’s Cory Jefferson Shoot One of the Worst Airballs Ever

Sometimes you think you’re at the free throw line when you’re shooting a three. It happens. Continue Reading →

Adam Silver Arrives at Work to Find Jason Kidd Sitting at His Desk

NBA commissioner Adam Silver arrived at his office for work this morning only to find Jason Kidd sitting at his desk and using the phone. Continue Reading →

Paul Pierce Asks Jason Kidd to Let Him Guard Shane Battier

Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce went into Jason Kidd’s office this morning and demanded that he be able to guard Heat forward Shane Battier for the remainder of the series. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Heat Beat the Brooklyn Nuts

Editors opens the paper this morning: “Ahhh, nuts.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Iman Shumpert Made Paul Pierce Look Like a Very Old Man

Paul Pierce’s ankles leave behind two creaky knees. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Orlando Magic Score on Themselves

Let’s just celebrate that they’re scoring at all. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: CNN Thinks All Gay Athletes Look Alike

Why is Jason Collins wearing shoulder pads to play basketball? Seems a bit soft to me. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Paul McCartney Desperately Wanted a Brooklyn Nets T-Shirt

Someone well past his prime at a Brooklyn Nets game? Well, that’s just the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Deron Williams’ Ankles are No More Thanks to Chris Paul and a Teammate

Your 2013 Brooklyn Nets. Continue Reading →
Kidd BR

Jason Kidd Spills Acid All Over His Team

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd accidentally tripped and fell today, knocking over a giant barrel of hydrofluoric acid which spilled all over his players, burning and melting their ... Continue Reading →

Mayor Bloomberg Bans Basketball in New York City

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg passed a new law today that bans professional and collegiate basketball teams in the city, citing research showing that the New York Knicks and ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Brooklyn Nets Mascot is in Preseason Form

Now he has to deal with the disappointed glares of Kevin Garnett. Continue Reading →

Deron Williams Pushing Down a Little Kid

Flopper! That kid is a flopper! Continue Reading →

Brook Lopez Dunks on Robin Lopez Like a Big Mean Jerk

He bullied him in the womb, as well. Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Net You Never Heard of Sets NBA Record for Consecutive Airballs

At least I hope that's an NBA record. Continue Reading →

Andray Blatche Takes a Pass Off the Face

His face for NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Continue Reading →

Fan Thinks Kris Humphries is Filthy and Disgusting

She probably realized she is now covered in Kim Kardashian's STDs. Continue Reading →

NBA Ref is a Shot-Blocking Machine

He is the Dikembe Mutombo of referees. Continue Reading →