Ryan Vogelsong Draws Shortest Straw, Forced to Sit Next to Brian Wilson in Dugout

Ryan Vogelsong's dominating postseason performances meant nothing today when the Giants drew straws before their Game 7 match-up with the Cardinals to see who would have to sit ... Continue Reading →

Reports: Brian Wilson Still Has a Beard

According to reports out of San Francisco Giants spring training, team closer Brian Wilson is sporting a large, black beard. "Yes, the beard," said Giants third baseman Pablo ... Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson the Most Googled By Himself Athlete of 2011

Google continues to roll out its most-searched for names and terms of 2011, announcing today that San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson Googled his own name more than any other ... Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson Fan Homage

Almost 100-percent accurate in its douchiness. Continue Reading →

Commander-In-Chief Meets Beard-In-Chief

Brian Wilson is a member of the Beard Whig Party. Continue Reading →

How Other Closers Plan to Steal the Spotlight from Brian Wilson

Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson’s Spandex Tuxedo

He needed much more attention as a child. Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson Creating a Whole New Generation of Bearded Douches

Fully bearded in the 6th grade. He’s going to get a young female teacher fired. Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson’s Beard Apparently MLB’s Entire 2011 Marketing Campaign

Despite league-wide revenue of nearly $7 billion in 2010, Major League Baseball is hinging its entire 2011 marketing campaign on the the facial hair of San Francisco Giants reliever ... Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson’s Beard Is Scarier Than You Imagined

I guess this is why Josh Elliott left for Good Morning America. Continue Reading →
Brian Wilson, Ryan Klesko, Bruce Bochy

Brian Wilson Wants You To Know How Wacky He Is

Look at him looking all wacky. So wacky. What whackiness. Continue Reading →

Caveman MasturCelebrates

What a difference only a few pixels can make. Continue Reading →