To Be Spotted at the Vikings-Jets Game

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Brett Favre asks a teammate to pull his finger so he can smell his own farts.

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"Hey, camp started three weeks ago, you old f**k."

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The new ad for Brett Favre Airways

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Brett Favre Feeling Healthy After Warm Bath in Media Adoration

According to several reports, Brett Favre is feeling much better physically after a long soak in the warm waters of media love. "He's feeling as good as he has since the last ... Continue Reading →

Taking a look at Brett Favre’s various injuries

Brett Favre may be stepping away from the NFL due to a wide array of injuries he sustained over 19 years in the NFL. Here is a complete list of what ails him. Continue Reading →

Desperate Vikings Reaching Out to Fran Tarkenton

With Brett Favre planning to retire, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress has flown to Fran Tarkenton's home in Georgia in hopes of convincing the former Vikings star to ... Continue Reading →

New NFL OT Rule Stipulates Brett Favre Must Get the Ball Once

In a ruling that will change the way NFL games are played, the league has approved a new, modified sudden death proposal. The proposal, which will take effect for 2010 season, stipulates ... Continue Reading →

Brad Childress, Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson dress up in disguises before heading back to Minnesota following the NFC Championship Game.

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Brett Favre’s Storybook Season Has Perfect Ending

It was the ending that everyone hoped for. Brett Favre, playing at age 40, in perhaps his greatest season, with the Super Bowl on the line, just seconds left on the clock … threw ... Continue Reading →

"Next year I’m coming for your job, loser."

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"Hey, coach! Look at this! I’m changing the play you called, you prick!"

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"I’m just saying, up until a few weeks ago I would have killed for the chance to rape you and pillage Hattiesburg, Mississippi."

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