VIDEO: Foot Locker Made a Funny Commercial

Could have used some Canseco, but this will do. Continue Reading →
Favre BR

Report: Rams So Bad Not Even Brett Favre Interested in Playing for Them

The St. Louis Rams reportedly contacted Brett Favre about taking over at quarterback for the injured Sam Bradford, but the 44 year-old turned them down, making the Rams the first team ... Continue Reading →

Brett Favre Vikings Leg Lamp

Maybe the lamp will try to play in the NFL this year. It would be as effective as Brett Favre. Continue Reading →

8 Twitter Tips for Brett Favre

Brett Favre has joined Twitter. Here are some ways our sporting hero can better utilize the service. #1 – Be Informative, Interesting or Funny Twitter's Compose Tweet box ... Continue Reading →

Brett Favre’s Christmas Card Photo Thankfully Penis-Free

The inside of the card could be from the waist down. Continue Reading →

Guy’s Obituary Expresses Dislike for Joe Mauer

My obituary will list all of my fantasy sports titles. Continue Reading →

Cover of Madden 2045

He’s like a kid’s skeleton our there. Continue Reading →

Favre + Eagles = Pure NFL Evil

Eagles fans would give Brett Favre the booing he’s always deserved. Continue Reading →
Super Bowl XLV Champions Green Bay Packers Victory Parade

Green Bay’s Victory Celebration Had An Unwanted Visitor

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Text Messages Brett Favre Received After the Packers Won the NFC Championship

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Favre Letter to Packers: "This is your last chance to start me at quarterback"

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Brett Favre Signs One-Day Contract to Retire a Falcon

After reports that Brett Favre had again filed retirement papers with the NFL league office, it is now confirmed that the NFL legend is first signing a one-day contract so he can ... Continue Reading →

Brett Favre Dances to "Ice Ice Baby"

"Ice Ice Baby" is Brett Favre's ringtone for the ladies. Continue Reading →

2010 Sports Punchline Honoree: Brett Favre

Taking a look at the biggest sports punchlines of 2010… You unretired. Again. Got busted for trying to cheat on your wife. Played truly awful football. Saw your consecutive games ... Continue Reading →

Is This the End of Brett Favre?

No. He will never go away. It’s a trick! (via mocksession) Continue Reading →

Brett Favre Dies of Shoulder Sprain

NFL legend Brett Favre passed away on Monday of a painful shoulder sprain that caused numbness in his hand and left him unable to start a football game. Favre is survived by a wife, ... Continue Reading →

Proof America is the Greatest Country: Favre Hatred

Tarvaris Jackson should run for president. Continue Reading →

His Other Car is a Lawnmower

Here’s someone who would be happy to have a pictured texted to him of Brett Favre’s dong. Continue Reading →