PICTURE: Even the Browns’ Official Twitter Account Is Tired of Brandon Weeden Sucking

  It’s nice they tagged him so he knows they think he sucks. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Brandon Weeden Throws Backhanded Interception

He can throw interceptions in ways that would blow your mind. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Cleveland Browns Players and Coaches React to Horribly Overthrown Brandon Weeden Pass

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BREAKING: Brandon Weeden Possibly Not a Good Fantasy Option

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Brandon Weeden Gets Stuck Under American Flag

This is a metaphor for … the Browns being terrible? Continue Reading →

Brandon Weeden is So Old He Predates Modern Media

They also don’t know if he has great wheels, because he was born before wheels. Continue Reading →

God Bless America and God Bless Brandon Weeden

Old people do tend to be very patriotic. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma State Teammates Not Getting Any of Brandon Weeden’s Early 2000s Pop Culture References

Brandon Weeden's Oklahoma State teammates appreciate their quarterback's contributions on the field, but most say they find the 28 year-old lame and kind of annoying off ... Continue Reading →