Greatest Boxing Entrance/Exit Ever

He shouldn't have used all of his energy arriving to the ring. Continue Reading →

Buster Douglas Now Heavyweight Champion of Terrible Commercials

If only he could act as well as "The Hangover"s Mike Tyson. Continue Reading →

"The Fighter" Guy’s Bloodiest Fights

http://www.ranker.com/list/micky-_the-fighter_-ward_s-bloodiest-real-life-battles/ned_brown Someone should punch Mark Wahlberg. Continue Reading →

Boxer Gets Leveled by KO Punch

Who says boxing is dead? Sure, that particular boxer may be dead. Continue Reading →

Good Thing This Boxer Had Headgear Or His Head Might Have Come Off

Boxing might need a concussion policy. Continue Reading →

Video of the Top 50 Boxing Knockouts of All-Time

http://thecagedoctors.com/2010/11/top-50-boxing-kos-of-all-time/ Soon to be updated with Manny Pacquiao's next fight. Continue Reading →

Boxing Looking to Cut Down On Blows to the Head

Boxing's governing bodies will meet in the coming days to discuss ways to cut down on the number of blows to the head in the sport. "We can't ignore this issue anymore," ... Continue Reading →

Let’s Hope Joe Frazier Punched Him in the Face

Punching the guy on the right would be fine, too. Continue Reading →

The 23 Most Ill-Conceived Athlete Endorsements of All-Time

#1 — Buster Douglas for SafeAuto Mike Tyson's loss to Buster Douglas was humiliating. But it got exponentially worse when Douglas' commercial for SafeAuto came out. Douglas' ... Continue Reading →

Definite Proof Punch-Out!!!’s Doc Louis Tried to Kill Little Mac

Boxing has been plagued by scandal throughout its history. But this may be the biggest boxing scandal of all-time. Little Mac's trainer, Doc Louis, tried to have him killed. Here's ... Continue Reading →

While taking in a boxing match at Yankee Stadium, Darryl Strawberry makes the worst decision of his life: dressing like Tiger Woods.

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Famed Boxer Soda Popinski, 57, Dies of Liver Failure

Soda Popinski, 57, the Russian heavyweight who boxed his way to fame on the Punch-Out!! circuit in the late 1980s and early '90s, passed away this weekend due to complications ... Continue Reading →

Novice Promoter Dubs Mayweather-Mosley "The Fight of Spring 2010"

Golden Boy Promotions, the promotional company hyping this Saturday’s Shane Mosley-Floyd Mayweather, Jr. bout, is beginning to regret hiring a new employee to organize the run-up ... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah Dyson (Newark, NJ > Boxing)

JEREMIAH DYSON NEWARK, NJ > Boxing Dyson, 15, won his first bout by dropping challenger Andre Timmons with one punch. He then advanced to face Luis Mercado and won in a bout that ... Continue Reading →

Female Boxer Plagued By Glass Rack

While blessed with one of the most athletic builds and powerful punches in all of women’s boxing, Christi Mitchell has struggled with one thing since beginning her fight career ... Continue Reading →