Female Boxer Takes 15 Consecutive Shots to the Face

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Elton John and John Denver Fight in the Greatest Boxing Match Ever

Elton John should probably win this. Continue Reading →

If Classic Sports Movies Were Released Today

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Realistic Instructions for Common Sports Equipment

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Mike Tyson Endorses “Black Energy” in Poland

It tastes like ears. Continue Reading →

Is boxing corrupt?

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If Internet Commenters Had Been Around to Ruin Great Moments in Sports History

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The 10 Biggest Flash-in-the-Pan Athletes in Sports History

10. Kevin Maas Mass experienced the New York media hysteria 22 years before Jeremy Lin did. A 22nd round draft pick in 1986, Maas was called up to the Yankees in late June of 1990 ... Continue Reading →

Old-Timey Kids Boxing

It was the only way to blow off the stress of working in the mines. Continue Reading →

If Classic Novels Were About Sports

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Manny Pacquiao’s Ring Entrance

It's a very Pacquiao ring entrance. Continue Reading →

Mike Tyson as Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson His vice president will be a pigeon. Continue Reading →

Mike Tyson Quotes: The Song

May this song never fade from the Top 40 to Bolivian. Continue Reading →

Steve-O Breaks His Nose on Mike Tyson’s Fist

It's funny because he broke his nose on a guy's fist. Continue Reading →

Muhammad Ali Predicted the Circumstances of Barack Obama’s Election

G.O.A.T.: political science. Continue Reading →

Drunk Guy Loses Fight Against Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is one of the highest ranked heavyweights in the world. Sadly, that might not be a joke. Continue Reading →

Jim Gray Doesn’t Like This Boxing Ref Very Much

He's lucky the ref didn't punch him in the nuts. Continue Reading →

5 Famous Sports Movie Characters: Where Are They Now?

Ivan Drago — "Rocky IV" Drago sadly passed away in 2003 due to brain tumors brought on by years of using steroids. Until the time of his passing, he lived in the same ... Continue Reading →