"The Real Housewives of South Boston"

Needs more Welker jerseys to be realistic. Continue Reading →

Leaked Document: 2011 Boston Red Sox Official Team Drinking Rules

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Red Sox Collapse Receives Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Taiwan is not an ally of Red Sox Nation. Continue Reading →

Boston Red Sox GM Application

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Sources: Red Sox Were Bad at Baseball in September

According to sources in and outside the organization, the Boston Red Sox were very bad at baseball in September, causing the team to miss the playoffs. "Hitting a baseball, pitching ... Continue Reading →

Theo Epstein: "I had some great times in Boston, but it’s become a real shithole"

Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has announced he is leaving the team to take a similar position with the Chicago Cubs, a move he says was due entirely to the fact that ... Continue Reading →

Boston Rapper Spits What All Red Sox Fans Are Thinking

"We've had enough." EXACTLY! It's been, like, 4 years without a championship. Continue Reading →

Greatest Baseball Analysis Ever

He also predicted perms would be popular past 1989. Continue Reading →

What Did Theo Epstein and Terry Francona Do to Utah?

The Red Sox Nation: Utah Chapter is very angry. Continue Reading →

Famous Bostonians React to the Red Sox’s Collapse

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Theo Epstein Taking Heat for Not Acquiring a 14th or 15th All-Star

As the late-season collapse of the Boston Red Sox moves the team closer and closer to missing the postseason, the finger-pointing has begun in earnest. And Boston general manager Theo ... Continue Reading →

David Ortiz is Bad at Sliding

He can't field, throw, run or slide. HALL OF FAMER! Continue Reading →

Kevin Youkilis, Biz Markie and a Car Dealer Walk Into an Ad

Good to see Biz Markie getting some work. Continue Reading →

Red Sox-Yankees … It’s a Twitter Douche-Off

Really, any Twitter feuds are douche-offs. Continue Reading →

Closed Captioned Proof the Red Sox are Despicable

He played in the California Penal League. Continue Reading →

Beware Bobby Jenks and His Intestinal Turmoil

The infield can’t play in when he’s pitching or they’ll all pass out. Continue Reading →

Josh Beckett Makes a Little Boy Cry

It's not nearly as bad as when Manny Ramirez called him an ugly pig. Continue Reading →

Red Sox Fan Grabs Some Boob

Nothing more American than baseball and sexual harrassment. Continue Reading →