Google Auto-Fill Previews the 2013 Cardinals-Red Sox World Series

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Scrappy Red Sox Motivated to Win Their First World Series Since 1918 Without the Assistance of Steroids

The Boston Red Sox head into the 2013 World Series with one goal in mind: winning the franchise’s first true, non-asterisked World Series since 1918. “The 2004 and 2007 ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Red Sox Fan Calls Shane Victorino the “F—ing Titties” on Live TV

The first thing they teach in broadcast journalism class is to never put Boston fans on live TV.  Continue Reading →

Perfectly Logical Reasons to Hate Everyone on the Cardinals and Red Sox

Carlos Beltran - Thinks he’s the Fun Police. He felt the need to lecture Yasiel Puig on how and when to celebrate in the NLCS, even though he had no problem flexing his muscles ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Boston Cop Enjoys Torii Hunter Flipping Over the Wall on David Ortiz Grand Slam

To serve and not always protect. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Red Sox Fans Rips Home Run Ball Out of Woman’s Hand to Throw It Back

Well, that’s an awkward first date. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: David Ortiz Takes a Line Drive to the Big Papi

Not being able to field a position really came back to hit him in the crotch there. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the 2013 MLB Playoffs?

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VIDEO: Greatest Red Sox Fan Ever Destroys Other Red Sox Fans

This is like if Ben Affleck directed the “Three Stooges” movie. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: World’s Dumbest Boston Fan Thinks A-Rod is a “Looser”

It’s no small feat to be the world’s dumbest Boston Red Sox fan, but he pulled it off Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Rays and Red Sox Getting Snarky on Twitter

Whoa, there. Twitter is a snark-free zone. Let’s class it up a bit. Continue Reading →

Dennis Eckersley Not Pleased About Having to Recap 17-5 Game

Imagine how the Rangers' broadcasters feel. Continue Reading →

Yankees and Red Sox are Terrified of Thunder

$200 million is a lot of money to pay a bunch of children. Continue Reading →