VIDEO: Red Sox Ball Girl Realizes She is the Shame of All Who Know Her

She’ll never make the Ball-Star Team. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: David Ortiz Takes Walk Before Ball Four Even Arrives

When you’re late into your career, you don’t have time to wait around for actual ball four. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fenway Security Politely Tries Not to Crush Drunk Woman on Field

She is tackled quite easily. Perhaps the 17 beers affected her balance. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Exciting Times at Yankees-Red Sox Game

Only 4 1/2 innings to go! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Red Sox Broadcasters Pretend to be Bobbleheads

They have bobbleheads for radio. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Red Sox Fan Girl Believes Jacoby Ellsbury is a TRADER

And you, young lady, are a MORAN! Continue Reading →

MLB Approves Limiting Home Plate Collisions: “Unless they involve that a**hole Pierzynski”

Major League Baseball took a big step in approving player safety this week, imposing rules that would effectively limit the amount of collisions between base runners and catchers, ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jeopardy! Contests Not So Smart About Baseball

Even Alex Trebek – a CANADIAN! – laughs at their baseball knowledge. It gets no lower than that. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots Laugh at the Red Sox for Being Tiny

Fun Fact: Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos. Continue Reading →

Ugly, Bearded White Guy in Boston Suddenly Getting Laid A Lot

Steve McIntyre, a fairly ugly 29 year-old Boston resident who is about 20 pounds overweight and has a huge, unkempt beard, says he has been getting a ton of attention from women in ... Continue Reading →

Honest World Series Promotional Slogans

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mike napoli csnchicago

Sportsman Interesting Due to Beard

Mike Napoli is a baseball player who plays for a professional team in Boston called the Red Sox. He is a 31 year-old caucasian man from Broward County, Florida, and plays the first ... Continue Reading →

Game 1 of World Series Trounced in Ratings by People Waiting for NFL RedZone Channel to Come Back On

Game 1 of baseball’s Fall Classic was soundly beaten in the Nielsen ratings Wednesday night by the NFL RedZone Channel which broadcast nothing but a screen saying the RedZone ... Continue Reading →

Google Auto-Fill Previews the 2013 Cardinals-Red Sox World Series

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ortiz ramirez

Scrappy Red Sox Motivated to Win Their First World Series Since 1918 Without the Assistance of Steroids

The Boston Red Sox head into the 2013 World Series with one goal in mind: winning the franchise’s first true, non-asterisked World Series since 1918. “The 2004 and 2007 ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Red Sox Fan Calls Shane Victorino the “F—ing Titties” on Live TV

The first thing they teach in broadcast journalism class is to never put Boston fans on live TV.  Continue Reading →

Perfectly Logical Reasons to Hate Everyone on the Cardinals and Red Sox

Carlos Beltran – Thinks he’s the Fun Police. He felt the need to lecture Yasiel Puig on how and when to celebrate in the NLCS, even though he had no problem flexing his ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Boston Cop Enjoys Torii Hunter Flipping Over the Wall on David Ortiz Grand Slam

To serve and not always protect. Continue Reading →