VIDEO: Red Sox Ball Girl Realizes She is the Shame of All Who Know Her

She’ll never make the Ball-Star Team. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: David Ortiz Takes Walk Before Ball Four Even Arrives

When you’re late into your career, you don’t have time to wait around for actual ball four. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fenway Security Politely Tries Not to Crush Drunk Woman on Field

She is tackled quite easily. Perhaps the 17 beers affected her balance. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Exciting Times at Yankees-Red Sox Game

Only 4 1/2 innings to go! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Red Sox Broadcasters Pretend to be Bobbleheads

They have bobbleheads for radio. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Red Sox Fan Girl Believes Jacoby Ellsbury is a TRADER

And you, young lady, are a MORAN! Continue Reading →

MLB Approves Limiting Home Plate Collisions: “Unless they involve that a**hole Pierzynski”

Major League Baseball took a big step in approving player safety this week, imposing rules that would effectively limit the amount of collisions between base runners and catchers, ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jeopardy! Contests Not So Smart About Baseball

Even Alex Trebek – a CANADIAN! – laughs at their baseball knowledge. It gets no lower than that. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots Laugh at the Red Sox for Being Tiny

Fun Fact: Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos. Continue Reading →

Ugly, Bearded White Guy in Boston Suddenly Getting Laid A Lot

Steve McIntyre, a fairly ugly 29 year-old Boston resident who is about 20 pounds overweight and has a huge, unkempt beard, says he has been getting a ton of attention from women in ... Continue Reading →

Honest World Series Promotional Slogans

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mike napoli csnchicago

Sportsman Interesting Due to Beard

Mike Napoli is a baseball player who plays for a professional team in Boston called the Red Sox. He is a 31 year-old caucasian man from Broward County, Florida, and plays the first ... Continue Reading →

Game 1 of World Series Trounced in Ratings by People Waiting for NFL RedZone Channel to Come Back On

Game 1 of baseball’s Fall Classic was soundly beaten in the Nielsen ratings Wednesday night by the NFL RedZone Channel which broadcast nothing but a screen saying the RedZone ... Continue Reading →