Shaq Conducts the Boston Pops

Finally a job that doesn't require him to be mobile. Continue Reading →

The Ugliest Thing in Celtics Apparel Since Larry Bird

Surely there are ways to support Big Baby without terrifying everyone. Continue Reading →

Nate Robinson Nearly Kills Himself Celebrating

Even Tiger Woods doesn't celebrate this poorly. Continue Reading →

Paul Pierce Has Snazzy Spectacles

He probably got those from a South Beach retirement home. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

If NBA Players Used Foursquare

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The Coolest Celtics Fan Ever

He's an even cooler fan than Brian Scalabrine. Continue Reading →

The Celtics were exactly the same back when Bird and McHale played.

http://www.vladtv.com/video/29901/boston-celtics-anthem—hard-in-the-paint/ (Warning: Contains naughty words.) Continue Reading →

The Best Dream Shaq Ever Had

If this was Inception, Shaq’s dreams would go deeper into a deep-dish pizza. Continue Reading →

Shaq’s bedtime binky? His penis.

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Free agent Shaquille O’Neal auditioned for the Boston Celtics yesterday.

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Anti – Celtics Wikipedia Vandalism

I guess we know what Paul Pierce was up to after the Celtics lost. Continue Reading →

Chinese Restaurant Gives Celtics Bulletin Board Material

Local restaurateur Sun Ho Chin didn’t think much of his decision to change the price of his Beef Chow Mein to $4.50, nor did he consider the ramifications of charging an extra ... Continue Reading →

Celtics, Magic, Cavs accept bids to join Western Conference

In the latest move in a wave of conference realignment, league sources are reporting that the NBA’s Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Orlando Magic are poised to accept ... Continue Reading →