Ray Allen’s Refreshingly Honest Farewell Newspaper Ad to Boston

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MassDOT Workers Do Not Like Lebron James

That road sign is a total choker. Continue Reading →

Turns Out New England Residents are Even Dumber than Floridians

Now they move on to the next round where Ohio waits. Continue Reading →

Boston Mayor Loves Boston Stars KJ and Hondo

Politics no longer attracts people who are wicked smaht. Continue Reading →

Report: Miami Heat are 2-1-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals

You can't say Lebron lost the game now. Continue Reading →

Recent Sports History … As Viewed by a Stereotypical Boston Fan

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Which NBA Conference Finals team do you think has the worst shot at winning the NBA Finals?

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The Celtics-Sixers Series Has Been Hard to Watch

Someone get a cleaning crew out on I-95. Continue Reading →

Boston Celtics Have Officially Been Eliminated from the Playoffs

It’s amazing they even made the playoffs with Romo on their side. Continue Reading →

Father Raising New Generation of Filthy-Mouthed Boston Fans

Her first word was "fackin." Continue Reading →

Ryan Hollins Sucks at Alley-Oops

One of the keys to successful dunking is jumping high enough. Continue Reading →

Hawks Displeased About Getting Eliminated by Celtics

Everyone wants to do that to Boston fans. Continue Reading →

Rajon Rondo Attempts to Join the Nets

Rajon Rondo is clearly insane. Someone get him some psychiatric help. Continue Reading →