PICTURE: Milwaukee Bucks Fans Are Very Polite Hecklers

He just says what he feels.  Continue Reading →

Boston Crowd Chants “Honey Nut Cheerios” to Carmelo Anthony

They must be hungry. Continue Reading →

NBA Requests That All Insults of Carmelo Anthony’s Wife be Submitted in Writing Prior to Tip-Off

Looking to avoid the insults against Carmelo Anthony's wife that have come to bog down the final minutes of most NBA games, commissioner David Stern ordered today that all jokes, ... Continue Reading →

American Sports Fans to Resume Hating Boston Teams in 36 Hours

Boston's sports teams were informed today that they will receive the support and cheers of America's sports fans for 36 more hours in the wake of the apprehension of the ... Continue Reading →

Celtics Fan is Not a LeBron Fan

He probably bought that at a classy clothing store like Brooks Brothers. Continue Reading →

George Stephanopoulos Thinks Morgan Freeman or Bill Russell Attended Obama’s Inauguration

Morgan Freeman's greatest role was winning all those championships as Bill Russell. Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett’s 10 Sexiest Breakfast Cereals

#10 – Rice Krispies Hearing Rice Kripsies snap, crackle and pop in a bowl of milk is nice. But you haven't really heard them snap, crackle and pop until you've heard ... Continue Reading →

Paul Pierce is Very Old and Prone to Broken Ankles

He should consider getting some ankle braces. Continue Reading →

Jameer Nelson Gruesomely Breaks Paul Pierce’s Ankles

That should almost be a new term. He compound fractured his ankles. Continue Reading →

Rajon Rondo Poses with Classy Celtics Fan

Bitches today. Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett Snubs Ray Allen, Remains a Terrible Person

He's the meanest old man in his neighborhood. Continue Reading →

Celtics Fans Believe Ray Allen is a Traitah!

How dare Allen leave this third team he’s played for, with which he spent 29% of his career! Continue Reading →

Kevin Garnett Rips Jason Terry for Being a Traitor to the Mavericks

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said today that he will refuse to take the court with Jason Terry for Boston's regular season opener because "Terry is a goddam traitor." ... Continue Reading →

Ray Allen’s Refreshingly Honest Farewell Newspaper Ad to Boston

Old people know how to speak to other old people. Continue Reading →

MassDOT Workers Do Not Like Lebron James

That road sign is a total choker. Continue Reading →

Turns Out New England Residents are Even Dumber than Floridians

Now they move on to the next round where Ohio waits. Continue Reading →

Boston Mayor Loves Boston Stars KJ and Hondo

Politics no longer attracts people who are wicked smaht. Continue Reading →

Report: Miami Heat are 2-1-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals

You can't say Lebron lost the game now. Continue Reading →