CNN Has a Very Low Opinion of the City of Vancouver

In fairness, Americans call all Canadian cities that. Continue Reading →

Boston Fans to Now Complain About the New England Revolution’s Title Drought

While many sports fans across the country are marveling at Boston's amazing run of success, with a championship in every major sport over the past seven years, and seven total ... Continue Reading →

Nathan Horton Pours Nasty Boston Tap Water on the Ice

How'd he get that much fluid through airport security? TERRORIST! Continue Reading →

6 Charts Explaining the Stanley Cup Finals

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A Very Cursey Bruins Fan Opines on Vancouver on the Train

Looks like we've found the lead for the next facking Affleck film. Continue Reading →

Singers Worse than NKOTB Are Big Boston Bruins Fans

I can't believe I'm saying this: but Boston fans don't deserve this. Continue Reading →

Rejected Stanley Cup Finals Promotional Slogans

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Rival NHL Players Share Romantic Air Kiss

Sean Avery is totally fine with this. Continue Reading →

Bruins announcer: "Paul Revere was a pussy compared to Zdeno Chara"

Everyone knows the cradle of liberty is TD Banknorth Garden. Continue Reading →

Andrew Ference Can Communicate with Quebecers

I think "f—k you" in English means, approximately, "f—k you" in French. Continue Reading →

Shocker: Boston Bruins Announcers Are Huge Homers

Tip: It's impossible to get a job in Boston media unless you list "moron" on your resume. Continue Reading →

Zdeno Chara: "It’s not my fault there was a stairway behind the person I shoved"

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara said he will not change his behavior after shoving a person down four flights of stairs last night. "The guy came up out of the Subway exit ... Continue Reading →

Ray Bourque Hoping to Sign with the Bruins for a Stanley Cup Run

According to sources close to Hall of Famer Ray Bourque, the legendary defenseman would like to sign with his former team, the Boston Bruins, in hopes of finally winning a Stanley Cup ... Continue Reading →