Zdeno Chara Terrifies Children in a Pink Bunny Costume

In his defense, he’d terrify children no matter what he wore. Continue Reading →

"The Real Housewives of South Boston"

Needs more Welker jerseys to be realistic. Continue Reading →

Boston Bruins Back Hair

His pubes really like the New England Revolution Continue Reading →

The Stanley Cup as Firetruck

That will make the Vancouver Fire Department riot. Continue Reading →

Sand Tim Thomas

He will block harmful UV rays from reaching you. Continue Reading →

Brad Marchand Raps Like a Hockey Player

"Black and Yellow"? Why is he such a big Pittsburgh fan? Continue Reading →

The Boston Bruins Celebration Bar Tab

Whoever got two Coors Lights should be cut from the team. Continue Reading →

CNN Has a Very Low Opinion of the City of Vancouver

In fairness, Americans call all Canadian cities that. Continue Reading →

Boston Fans to Now Complain About the New England Revolution’s Title Drought

While many sports fans across the country are marveling at Boston's amazing run of success, with a championship in every major sport over the past seven years, and seven total ... Continue Reading →

Nathan Horton Pours Nasty Boston Tap Water on the Ice

How'd he get that much fluid through airport security? TERRORIST! Continue Reading →

6 Charts Explaining the Stanley Cup Finals

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A Very Cursey Bruins Fan Opines on Vancouver on the Train

Looks like we've found the lead for the next facking Affleck film. Continue Reading →

Singers Worse than NKOTB Are Big Boston Bruins Fans

I can't believe I'm saying this: but Boston fans don't deserve this. Continue Reading →

Rejected Stanley Cup Finals Promotional Slogans

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Rival NHL Players Share Romantic Air Kiss

Sean Avery is totally fine with this. Continue Reading →

Bruins announcer: "Paul Revere was a pussy compared to Zdeno Chara"

Everyone knows the cradle of liberty is TD Banknorth Garden. Continue Reading →

Andrew Ference Can Communicate with Quebecers

I think "f—k you" in English means, approximately, "f—k you" in French. Continue Reading →

Shocker: Boston Bruins Announcers Are Huge Homers

Tip: It's impossible to get a job in Boston media unless you list "moron" on your resume. Continue Reading →