Milan Lucic’s 10 Rules of Etiquette

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PICTURE: Brad Marchand is Terrible at Faking an Injury

Left leg. Right leg. It can get very confusing to keep track of them. Continue Reading →

Blues Lady Breasts, Jesus Getting Booed and Nose Picking: A Weekend of Hockey Fans

A Blues fan made her presence known in overtime… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Milan Lucic Hit Another Opponent in the Crotch with His Stick

Most recently: April 18th. To Detroit’s Danny DeKeyser … Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Milan Lucic Drops Alexei Emelin with a Stick to the Taint

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PICTURE: The Florida Panthers Had Just Six Too Many Men on the Ice

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VIDEO: Tuukka Rask Remains Terrible at Being Angry

Last night Rask did this after giving up a game-losing goal in the shootout: Continue Reading →

Zdeno Chara Does Not Fit Very Well Into Kiddie Rides

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Patrice Bergeron’s Guest Appearance on “The Walking Dead”

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Boston Fans Had a Very … Hands-On Approach to Losing the Stanley Cup

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Claude Julien is Bill from “King of the Hill”

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Tuukka Rask Has Low Opinion of the Ice Quality

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Jaromir Jagr’s Favorite Player Growing Up Was Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr was 30 when Jaromir Jagr was a young boy. Continue Reading →

Blue Jays Fans are Very Mean to Boston Bruins Fan

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Jaromir Jagr Spends Afternoon Googling Photos of Jaromir Jagr’s Old Mullet

Boston Bruins right wing Jaromir Jagr says he lost most of the day yesterday looking at old pictures of his mullet online. The future Hall of Famer said he started looking at photos ... Continue Reading →

Papa John: Not a Big NHL Fan

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For Hockey Morons: Blackhawks, Bruins and Their Non-Hockey Equivalents!

*Zdeno Chara* = a really tall and strong tree, preferably a tall and strong tree from Slovakia Tuukka Rask = something that stops stuff. Stop sign? Road block? Drain stopper? One of ... Continue Reading →

Penguins and Bruins Issue Joint Statement Asking That No One Play “Black and Yellow”

Just one day before the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins are set to begin battle for the NHL's Eastern Conference crown, the teams came together to ask that their series ... Continue Reading →