Team USA Bobsled Brakeman Checks Again for Bobsled Brakeman Openings

Steve Masterson, bobsled brakeman for USA 2 at the Sochi Olympics, returned to his computer again this morning to conduct a job search on for “bobsled brakeman” openings. ... Continue Reading →

Bobsled Won on a Dare

The two-man bobsled at the Vancouver Games was won yesterday when two drunk Canadians hopped in an unattended sled and zoomed down the icy course to a world record and gold medal. "Woooooooooo! ... Continue Reading →

Finally. A reason to watch the Winter Olympics.

For years we have wondered if bobsledders wear boxers or briefs. Now we know. It's thong. From the bobsledding World Championships in Switzerland: Dialogue as they headed down ... Continue Reading →