PICTURE: The People of Georgia Don’t Like Bobby Petrino for Some Reason

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Bobby Petrino Looks Like Western Kentucky’s Big Red Blob Mascot

They both apparently were skinned bloody after skidding across pavement. Continue Reading →

Car Dealer Mocks the Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas’ season has been a long, skidding motorcycle crash on their face. Continue Reading →

The Kiss Scene for the Bobby Petrino Movie Has Already Been Written

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Bobby Petrino’s Art of Seduction

He took that at the Fayetteville Sears Portrait Studio. Continue Reading →

Arkansas Fans Pay Tribute to Bobby Petrino with Blonde Blow-Up Dolls

Sex with a blow-up doll can’t really be called an affair, right? RIGHT?! Continue Reading →

Arkansas Reportedly Looking for Best Eunuch Football Coach Available

With Bobby Petrino now dismissed as head coach at Arkansas, the Razorbacks are without a head football coach for the second time in less than five years — which each vacancy coming ... Continue Reading →

Picture from the Bobby Petrino Rally

Yeah, he has sex during the season, too, you know. Continue Reading →

Atlanta Falcons to Retire Patch of Gravel That Tore Up Bobby Petrino’s Face

The Atlanta Falcons today announced that they will retire the stretch of cement and gravel that nearly tore off the face of Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Bobby Petrino last week. "It ... Continue Reading →

Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Club T-Shirt

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Bobby Petrino Moments Before His Motorcycle Crash

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