VIDEO: Bob Costas Throws Crappy First Pitch

How crappy was Bob Costas’ first pitch? If he got it in his eyes, he’d get pink eye again. (zing) Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Matt Lauer Ends Sochi Olympics by Making Fun of Costas While Looking Him in the Disgusting Eyes

Many others have made the joke, but none on national TV to the guy’s diseased face. Continue Reading →

NBC Heavily Promoting Bob Costas’ Exclusive Interview with Bob Costas’ Eyes

Bob Costas will be back hosting NBC’s Sochi Olympic coverage Monday night and the network is promoting his return with an exclusive interview with the broadcaster’s infected ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Essay Rips Vladimir Putin for Human Rights Abuses, Failure to Fund Pink Eye Research

NBC Olympics host Bob Costas delivered an impassioned diatribe against Russian president Vladimir Putin during the network’s telecast last night. The longtime broadcaster opened ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fire-Eyed Bob Costas Has Turned to Vodka

He should do an eyeball shot to kill the disease.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Bob Costas Said “Pussy Riot” Twice on National TV, So the Olympics are a Success

Everyone can go home now. Russia wins. Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Throws Tirade as Background Fireplace Still Not to His Liking

“More homey, goddammit!” Bob Costas yelled last night after yet another failed attempt to appease the well-known NBC host with a fireplace to his liking in the background ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Lost at Customs

Long-time NBC Sports journalist Bob Costas was misplaced sometime this morning at the Sochi International Airport during a mishap members of his crew are blaming on the customs department. “I ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Quotes Ludacris

That was … wait for it … ridiculous. Continue Reading →

2012 US Open Won by VideoBomber During Webb Simpson’s Acceptance Speech

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