Blake Griffin’s Internship is Not Going Well

24/7 Blake Griffin: NBA Star Turned Intern from Blake Griffin Maybe he can be a comedy intern in Turkey. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin is the Likely NBA Rookie of the Year

If you blur your eyes, it looks like he’s dunking on you. Continue Reading →

JaVale McGee > Blake Griffin … wait, what?

Take THAT, fraudulent NBA dunk champion! Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Commits Highlight-Reel Foul

Impressive fouls: it's the best a Clipper can ever hope to do. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin’s Car Dunk In Slow-Mo

It's like the Kia never even moved. Continue Reading →

Who is the best player in the NBA?

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Dunk Champion Wows Judges By Dunking His Own Kidney

Los Angeles Clippers rookie Blake Griffin brought some creativity and originality back to the NBA Slam Dunk Contest by being the first player in the contest's history to slam ... Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Cracks His Head On The Backboard

What an idiot. I would never do that. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Even Misses Dunks Better Than Everyone Else

An exciting missed alley-oop is one of the greatest moments in Clippers history. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Misses Thundering Layup

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin wowed the crowd again Sunday night with a high-flying, thunderous layup that slammed off the backboard and ricocheted all the way to half-court. "I've ... Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin is Very Good and Should be Freed from the Clippers

There are the first two successfully completed dunks in Clippers history. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Fakes Rehab Setback to Avoid Ever Playing for the Clippers

With his projected season debut just a week away, Clippers No. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin faked a season-ending injury, in hopes he would never have to play for the cursed franchise. "I ... Continue Reading →