VIDEO: Brotastic Blake Griffin Pulls Trainer’s Head to His Crotch

Way too much about balls in sports this week. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan Dunks on Teammate Blake Griffin’s Head

He’s just mistreating him because Griffin is a ginger. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Blake Griffin Missing Dunks Remains Humorous

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Blake Griffin Taps Chandler Parsons in the Unmentionables

They were just mentioned. Hmm. What now. Continue Reading →

Golden State Warriors Really Enjoy Blake Griffin Sucking

He should learn some non-dunk shots. Continue Reading →

Golden State Warriors Enjoy Blake Griffin Sucking

They must be angry Kia owners. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Tells 1997 Self to Not Wear Jean Shorts

He should have told Taylor Griffin to focus on academics. Continue Reading →
Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Draws 360, Windmill, Over-the-Back Foul

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin brought the Staples Center crowd to its feet last night with a high-flying, acrobatic flop that drew a foul and sent him to the line. "Most ... Continue Reading →

7 Highlights Suggesting Blake Griffin Sucks at Basketball

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Blake Griffin Wants Foul Called for Hitting Himself in the Face

That's a flagrant on himself. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Can’t Dunk, Sucks at Basketball

The rim posterized him. Continue Reading →

World’s First Poster Since 1997 Produced to Commemorate Blake Griffin’s Latest Dunk

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has single-handedly jump-started an industry that has been dormant for 15 years, adding another green shoot to America's recovering ... Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin Stages Personal Dunk Contest in Middle of Game

Chris Paul really earned that second assist. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell is About to Suspend a New Orleans Player

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Blake Griffin Airballs Back-to-Back Free Throws

Oooh! Now shoot an airball over a Kia! Continue Reading →

Kris Humphries > Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin isn't talented enough to be a Kardashian. Continue Reading →

Jeremy Lin and Blake Griffin Steal Food from a Little Kid

Lin apparently doesn't know that all kids fingers are coated in boogers. Continue Reading →

Blake Griffin for Shake Weight

That's how he's so strong. He even trains to masturbate. Continue Reading →