Bill Belichick Excited to Unveil His Latest Scientific Research on a Memory-Erasing Device

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick says he has really grown to love science since spending a day last week with team staffers testing the PSI of footballs in various temperatures. ... Continue Reading →

Bill Belichick: “I’d have a lot more talent to coach if this organization had a semi-competent GM”

Bill Belichick continues to receive praise for coaching the 2013-2014 Patriots to another AFC title game despite a roster lacking the star power of the other three remaining Super Bowl ... Continue Reading →

Bill Belichick Flies Patriots to Denver Several Days Early So He Can Get Baked

The New England Patriots were originally scheduled to fly out to Denver for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game on Friday evening, but head coach Bill Belichick rescheduled to have ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold Bill Belichick’s Joy from the Holiday Season

Belichick’s first SpyGate scandal was filming his family’s fireplace at age 3 on Christmas Eve night to prove Santa wasn’t real. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots Laugh at the Red Sox for Being Tiny

Fun Fact: Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Bill Belchick’s Greatest Press Conference Ever is Very “Inactive”

Bill Belichick’s personal warmth is also inactive, but will likely be ruled out for the season. Continue Reading →
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Bill Belichick Apologizes to Wes Welker: “I would have been nicer if I knew he was such a sensitive pussy”

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said today he wants to “sincerely apologize” if he did anything during Wes Welker’s six years with the team that hurt ... Continue Reading →

“Sports Shouting” Takes on Bill Belichick and Aaron Hernandez

Your browser does not support iframes. Well, I for one feel enlightened and better informed. Continue Reading →

Why Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick is Wrong and Tim Tebow Sucks – by your friend Steve

Why Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick is Wrong and Tim Tebow Sucks by your friend Steve You gotta be kidding me? The Patriots signed Tebow? Is this some kind of joke? ... Continue Reading →

Bill Belichick Offers to Torture NFL Refs Until They Accept League Contract Offer

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this morning and offered to help him end the contract stalemate between the NFL and its referees. "Maybe, ... Continue Reading →

Belichick Dresses the Part for his Battle with Tebow

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Bill Belichick: Rollerskating Pirate

Rex Ryan is no longer the weird AFC East coach. Continue Reading →

Bill Belichick Does Not Have a uFace Page

Belichick would follow no one on Twitter. Continue Reading →

Bill Belichick As A Boy

Why hasn’t he changed at all? Oh, right. Because he’s evil. Continue Reading →

Belichick Announces Tom Brady Will Start Games 1 and 3 of the Playoffs

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick set his starting rotation for the NFL playoffs today, announcing that MVP candidate Tom Brady will get the ball for Games 1 and 3, while ... Continue Reading →

Ruthless Patriots Run Down the Score

The New England Patriots sent a strong message to the rest of the NFL Monday night, scoring just 17 points in a 21-point blowout loss the Saints that saw them pull their starters with ... Continue Reading →

The remaining core of New England’s Super Bowl-winning teams watches the Patriots get blown out by the Saints.

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Bill Belichick no longer the most FAIL-tastic coach in New England

Fourth quarter. 2:25 remaining. Yale with the ball and up by three points against their rival, Harvard, who they've lost six of seven to. Fourth-and-22. Yale on their own 26. And ... Continue Reading →