Joe Flacco: Dopest QB in the Whole Damn League

Straight Outta Jersey. Continue Reading →

Never Underestimate the Confidence of Baltimore Ravens Fans

Only God, Ray Lewis’ personal friend, knows the outcome. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco: “Peyton Manning is probably pretty nervous to face me”

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said today that his team has a decided advantage in their divisional playoff game at Denver because Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will ... Continue Reading →

Underwater Ray Lewis Dance

That guy is as quick as current day Ray Lewis. Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis Anti-Tribute

He wasn't always God's Linebacker. Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis Retirement Revealed To be Finale of Innovative Sixth Season of “The Wire”

Speaking to Baltimore's press corps before today's series wrap party, creator/show runner David Simon revealed that yesterday's Ray Lewis retirement announcement was ... Continue Reading →

That’s So Baltimore Raven

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Joe Flacco Unveils His Best Derp Face for Ad Shoot

Your move, Eli Manning. Continue Reading →

J.J. Watt Makes Fun of Tiny Ray Rice

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Terrell Suggs Tackles Gerry Sandusky (No, Not That One)

If we're lucky, Terrell Suggs has a twin brother in Jerry Sandusky's prison. Continue Reading →

Huge Pussy Ray Lewis Unable to Play with Hurt Muscle

Baltimore Ravens linebacker and noted total pussy Ray Lewis will miss the remainder of the season after hurting a muscle in one of his arms. "Eeek! Eeeeeek! It hurts. My army ... Continue Reading →

NFL.com Projects Ray Rice will Have a Solid 4 TD, 160-Yard Game

The Browns are bad, but not that bad. Maybe. Continue Reading →

Replacement Ref Scores Winning Touchdown in Ravens-Patriots Game

Frustration with the NFL's replacement officials reached a fever pitch Sunday night when referee Carl Howard accidentally got in the way of a Joe Flacco pass in the end zone. ... Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis Delivers Impassioned Motivational Speech to Guy Eating a Ham Sandwich

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis delivered a high-energy motivational speech today to a man he saw eating a ham sandwich through the window of a downtown Baltimore deli. Lewis ... Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco: Great Quarterback or GREATEST Quarterback

Fact: If you have one good game in the NFL, you enter the “elite” discussion. Continue Reading →

Polamalu-Clad Paul Rudd Sings “Black and Yellow” to Ray Lewis

People who taunt Ray Lewis rarely live to tell about it. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco is Taking Over, You Guys

Never underestimate the preseason greatness of the Baltimore Ravens. Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis is Really Intense About Video Games

Everyone said he wasn't good enough, you guys. That's why he went to Miami and was picked in the 1st Round. Continue Reading →