Ravens Fan Looks Like a Raven/Idiot

He must have a very impressive job. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco: Dopest QB in the Whole Damn League

Straight Outta Jersey. Continue Reading →

Never Underestimate the Confidence of Baltimore Ravens Fans

Only God, Ray Lewis’ personal friend, knows the outcome. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco: “Peyton Manning is probably pretty nervous to face me”

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said today that his team has a decided advantage in their divisional playoff game at Denver because Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will ... Continue Reading →

Underwater Ray Lewis Dance

That guy is as quick as current day Ray Lewis. Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis Anti-Tribute

He wasn't always God's Linebacker. Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis Retirement Revealed To be Finale of Innovative Sixth Season of “The Wire”

Speaking to Baltimore's press corps before today's series wrap party, creator/show runner David Simon revealed that yesterday's Ray Lewis retirement announcement was ... Continue Reading →

That’s So Baltimore Raven

Ray-Ray > Raven Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco Unveils His Best Derp Face for Ad Shoot

Your move, Eli Manning. Continue Reading →

J.J. Watt Makes Fun of Tiny Ray Rice

Mmmmmm. Rice burrito. Continue Reading →

Terrell Suggs Tackles Gerry Sandusky (No, Not That One)

If we're lucky, Terrell Suggs has a twin brother in Jerry Sandusky's prison. Continue Reading →

Huge Pussy Ray Lewis Unable to Play with Hurt Muscle

Baltimore Ravens linebacker and noted total pussy Ray Lewis will miss the remainder of the season after hurting a muscle in one of his arms. "Eeek! Eeeeeek! It hurts. My army ... Continue Reading →

NFL.com Projects Ray Rice will Have a Solid 4 TD, 160-Yard Game

The Browns are bad, but not that bad. Maybe. Continue Reading →

Replacement Ref Scores Winning Touchdown in Ravens-Patriots Game

Frustration with the NFL's replacement officials reached a fever pitch Sunday night when referee Carl Howard accidentally got in the way of a Joe Flacco pass in the end zone. ... Continue Reading →

Ray Lewis Delivers Impassioned Motivational Speech to Guy Eating a Ham Sandwich

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis delivered a high-energy motivational speech today to a man he saw eating a ham sandwich through the window of a downtown Baltimore deli. Lewis ... Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco: Great Quarterback or GREATEST Quarterback

Fact: If you have one good game in the NFL, you enter the “elite” discussion. Continue Reading →

Polamalu-Clad Paul Rudd Sings “Black and Yellow” to Ray Lewis

People who taunt Ray Lewis rarely live to tell about it. Continue Reading →

Joe Flacco is Taking Over, You Guys

Never underestimate the preseason greatness of the Baltimore Ravens. Continue Reading →