Baltimore Cop Does the Ray Lewis Dance

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The Taiwanese Animation of Super Bowl XLVII

Are Taiwanese animations ELITE animations? Continue Reading →

Is Joe Flacco ELITE now that he has a Super Bowl title?

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Ravens Fan Song is as Bad as You’d Expect and Much Worse

Feels like I've been stabbed in the ears. Continue Reading →

Church Sign Guys Knows God Isn’t a Ravens Fan

God is probably a Jaguars fan. He’s a big fan of the less fortunate. Continue Reading →

Celebrating Ravens Fan Jumps from Building Into Tree

So it appears God favors both him and Ray-Ray. Continue Reading →

Idiot Ravens Fan Celebrates Super Bowl Title

He must have gotten that idea from Cam Cameron. Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Champion Ravens Wait Nervously to See If They’ll be Atop Season’s Final NFL Power Rankings

"We did all we could do," said Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. "I just hope it was enough." But was it enough? The Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII 34-31 over the 49ers, ... Continue Reading →

Honest NFL.com Headlines: Super Bowl XLVII

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Super Bowl Party Recipes from the 49ers and Ravens

Joe Flacco's "World's Best" Pizza Recipe 1. Get an average pizza delivered. 2. Serve. 3. Tell everyone it's the best pizza. 4. Hope they believe it. 5. Ask ... Continue Reading →

Report: Ravens Intent on Signing Elvis Grbac Regardless of Joe Flacco’s Super Bowl Performance

The Baltimore Ravens reportedly plan to replace quarterback Joe Flacco with veteran Elvis Grbac this offseason regardless of the game's outcome or how Flacco plays. "You ... Continue Reading →

Dorky Brothers Next Door Dreaming of Coaching in the Super Bowl Together One Day

Kevin and Jeff, the weird, unpopular neighborhood boys who live next door, say they are dreaming of one day coaching in a Super Bowl together just like NFL coaches John and Jim Harbaugh ... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons the Ravens Suck and Will Get Killed in Super Bowl XLVII

1. Joe Flacco sucks. Stop trying to convince yourself that he's good. He's not. Deep-down Ravens fans know it, too. They've seen him constantly overthrow receivers and ... Continue Reading →