PICTURE: World’s Worst Parents Have Their Kid Dress Up as Ray Rice for Halloween

It was this or dressing up as a Ray Lewis statue. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ray Lewis: “There’s some things you can cover up. And then there’s some things you can’t.”

ESPN willingly employs Ray Lewis. Continue Reading →

14 Signs the Jersey You’re Wearing is Inappropriate

1. The player whose name is on the back of the jersey was involved in a violent crime. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: This Baltimore Ravens Wedding Cake Topper Was Actually for Sale on Etsy

It’s no longer for sale as of Wednesday, September 10th. That’s probably a good idea. Continue Reading →

Real Transcript of Ray Lewis Responding to Question About Whether He’s Similar to Ray Rice

Suzy Kolber: The Ravens, as an organization, have cut [Ray Rice]. They’ve cut ties. They stood behind you. People will try to draw this comparison. How do you see that? Continue Reading →

Ravens Release Joe Flacco After Seeing Video of Him Playing Football

The Baltimore Ravens have released quarterback Joe Flacco after video was released showing Flacco playing quarterback.  Continue Reading →

NFL Announces New “Domestic Violence Awareness” Jerseys with 8% of Profits Going to Charity

Due to increased pressure from fans and media over the Ray Rice case, commissioner Roger Goodell announced this morning in a hastily arranged press conference that the league will begin ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: News Station Shows Spider-Man Fight Instead of Ray Rice Apology

Spiderman provoked his beating.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Letter to the Editor Takes Offense to Fred Flintstone-Ray Rice Comparison

Martin Kramer should write letters to the editor every day. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Fines Ray Rice’s Wife $500,000 for Her Role in Getting Knocked Out

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, facing criticism he did not punish Ray Rice enough for knocking out his then-fiancee and dragging her unconscious body into a casino hotel lobby, expanded ... Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell’s Wife Too Scared to Tell Him She Thinks He Went Easy on Ray Rice

Jane Skinner, the former FOX News host and current wife of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has told friends she is angry over the two-game suspension her husband handed down to Ravens ... Continue Reading →

Ravens Expected to Take Strong Stance Against Ray Rice Punching His Fiancée Since He Averaged Only 3.1 Yards Per Carry This Season

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is facing charges in Atlantic City related to an incident last weekend in which witnesses say he knocked out his fiancée at a casino with an ... Continue Reading →

Ravens Acknowledge Critics and Haters Had Them Pegged Pretty Accurately This Year

A year after laying into all those who doubted that the Ravens could win the Super Bowl, linebacker Terrell Suggs today said that those same “critics and haters” were actually ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Joe Flacco Elitely Falls Down for No Reason

He falls down with great poise. Continue Reading →

John Harbaugh Says Ravens Have No Future Plans for Ed Reed, Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh dismissed any notions today that his team would sign former star safety Ed Reed, who was cut by the Texans this week. “Ed and Joe Flacco ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ravens Punt Return Team Still in Preseason Form

That’s so Ravens. Continue Reading →
Elam Ravens wiki

Ravens Admit It’s Kind of Nice to Not Have Jesus Watching All of Their Practices

It’s a new era for the Baltimore Ravens now that linebacker Ray Lewis, the longtime face of the franchise, has retired. But it’s a change Ravens players and coaches are ... Continue Reading →
Supreme Court wiki

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Determining Whether Joe Flacco is Elite

The Supreme Court today agreed to hear arguments in Flacco v. Elite, a case that will determine the eliteness, or lack thereof, of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The Court ... Continue Reading →