Greatest Spring Training Photo Ever

The Amish like the Orioles because they don’t have any showy wins or trophies. Continue Reading →

Orioles Fan Takes a Foul Ball Off the Face

Yet another reason to never attend an Orioles game. Continue Reading →

Plenty of Good Sections Available at Orioles-A’s Game

The people attending an Orioles-A’s games should be the ones who are ashamed. Continue Reading →

Baltimore Orioles Begin Selling Playoff Tickets Just to See What Happens

The Baltimore Orioles began offering 2011 playoff tickets today to all fans who purchase season tickets for the 2012 season. "This is a great opportunity for fans to lock in playoff ... Continue Reading →

Orioles Fan Really Really Really Likes Nick Markakis

If Nick Markakis wonders who is stalker will be, it’s this guy. Continue Reading →

Drunk and Exhausted Orioles Fan Rushes the Field

They win 4 games and everyone goes crazy. Continue Reading →

Baltimore Orioles to Consider Moving Their Spring Training Facility Out of Alaska

The Baltimore Orioles are reportedly considering moving their spring training location from the small town of Atgasuk, Alaska, to a warmer climate. "It turns out it's hard ... Continue Reading →

Luke Scott of the Orioles Will Trade His O’s Hat for a Tinfoil Hat

http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Answer-Man-Luke-Scott-talks-Nugent-hunting-and?urn=mlb-292970 I don't believe that the Orioles are a MLB team. So there. Continue Reading →

Cal Ripken’s Consecutive Games Beer Dumped On Him Streak At 1

Lou Gehrig never got that many in a row. Continue Reading →

First Lady Michelle Obama explains that under her husband’s administration, the waterboarding of suspected terrorists has been replaced by forced view

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Baltimore Orioles Company Softball Team Loses 15th Game in a Row

Orioles reliever Frank Mata gave up a season high 13 runs, including the game winner in the top of the 6thinning, as the Baltimore Orioles company softball team suffered yet another ... Continue Reading →

"O’s, bro. O’s."

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Orioles Owner Peter Angelos Hires Billy Ripken

Facing a fan base that is irate over 13 years of losing, a dreadful start to the season and now reports that the team turned down franchise icon Cal Ripken for a job, Orioles owner ... Continue Reading →