Jeopardy! Contestant Not a Big College Football Fan

He thinks all dirty programs look alike. Continue Reading →

Auburn Fan Poisoned by Lethal Doses of Salt and Saturated Fats

A lifelong Auburn Tigers fan reportedly has just months to live due to what could only be considered intentional poisoning via years of ingesting cheap and unhealthy fast food, which ... Continue Reading →

The Hot, New T-Shirt In Half of Alabama

This looks best with a pair of jean shorts. Continue Reading →

Alabama Acting Pretty Smug For a Crap State

Thanks to back-to-back national championships from the two premier college football programs in the state — Alabama and Auburn — the citizens of the state of Alabama are ... Continue Reading →

Someone Found Cam Newton’s Signing Bonus Check

Well played, Oregon fan. And well played, Kinkos. Continue Reading →

Famous Auburn and Oregon Alums Opine on the BCS Title Game

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Cam Newton Receives Another Bag of Cash from His Secret Santa

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton found another bag of cash in his locker today after practice, just the latest awesome gift he has received via the Auburn football Secret Santa gift exchange. "This ... Continue Reading →

Cam Newton Does the "Late Show" Top Ten

He's the greatest comedian from the South since Jeff Foxworthy. Continue Reading →

This Was Gene Chizik’s Pickup Line Back in the Day

I wonder if they sell this at the Auburn bookstore. (via EDSBS) Continue Reading →

CBS Sideline Reporter Takes a Squirt of Cam Newton’s Juice

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIREgY1vbK0&feature=player_embedded Rev. Cecil Newton is already selling Cammy Cam Juice out of his trunk. Continue Reading →

Rev. Cecil Newton’s Church Sign Got Him Busted

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Greg McElroy Gives Auburn Fans the Finger

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbyrgzP5w4w&feature=related Well, Alabama WAS No. 1 last year. Continue Reading →

CIA Gets Involved in Cam Newton Case In Hopes of Getting Auburn Tickets

A week after the FBI got involved in a probe of Cam Newton's recruitment, the CIA has reportedly also taken an active role in the case and is hoping to speak with Newton soon ... Continue Reading →

A Very Late Hit

It may have actually been early for the next play. Continue Reading →
College GameDay - 2005

Suggested College GameDay Sign of the Week

ESPN's College GameDay is in Columbus, Ohio this week for Penn State vs. Ohio State. – – – – – Continue Reading →

Behold Cam Newton’s Heisman Gown!

I suppose it could also be his Halloween costume. Continue Reading →

It’s Hard Not To Root for Auburn

It’s not as hot if you consider that the cat is dead. Continue Reading →

Fans With Benefits

Good thing Cam Newton wears a cup. (Or bad thing?) Continue Reading →