VIDEO: Gus Malzahn Dancing in Jorts to “U Can’t Touch This” as a High School Coach

This will be huge with recruits who were teenagers in the early ’90s. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Bama Fan is and Idiot/Doesn’t Understand “Wheel Of Fortune”

He would do poorly in college Wheel Of Fortune. Also in life. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Bama Grocery Store Puts “Jameis Winston” on Crab Legs Tag

$19.79? No wonder people steal them. Continue Reading →

Report: NCAA Investigating Bruce Pearl for 38 NCAA Violations at Auburn

New Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl is being investigated by the NCAA for more than three dozen violations committed by his program in Pearl’s first 24 hours on the job. Pearl ... Continue Reading →

Gus Malzahn Executed at SEC Headquarters for Shaming Conference with BCS Title Game Loss

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn was stripped naked, thrown into a cage, and eaten alive by a pack of ravenous dogs, according to a newspaper with close ties to SEC commissioner Mike ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Alternative Alabama-Auburn Radio Call

I wonder who won in overtime. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Alabama Fan Leaves Auburn Fan Waiter a Very Bama Tip

Nick Saban’s handwriting is pretty girly. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Bama Boy is Very Shocked About Last-Second Loss to Auburn

  His parents will have to pay for a psychologist now.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Georgia Coaches React to Auburn’s Hail Mary

It’s the Mark Richt Era in a few seconds of video. Continue Reading →

Auburn Football Fails to Redeem Itself with This Song

This song makes trees die. Continue Reading →

Auburn Re-Fires Gene Chizik in Attempt to Avoid NCAA Sanctions

Auburn University president Dr. Jay Gogue announced today that he is firing former head football coach Gene Chizik again in the wake of allegations that Auburn players were paid and ... Continue Reading →

Auburn Fans are Not Big Fans of Ole Miss Basketball Player

It's a nice reminder that the SEC exists outside of football season. Continue Reading →

Auburn Defensive Line Recruit Dee Liner Has the Greatest Name Ever

They need to recruit someone named Q. Beeone. Continue Reading →

Cam Newton and Gene Chizik Quit Everything and Run Away Together

Embattled former Auburn football legends Cam Newton and Gene Chizik reportedly have run off together to a remote beach town in Mexico where they hope to live out their days far away ... Continue Reading →

World’s Biggest Gus Malzahn Fan

He could be a little bit bigger. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: Auburn vs. Alabama

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Auburn Mascot Gets Drunk, Slams Into Luxury Box

In its defense, luxury boxes aren’t part of its native habitat. Continue Reading →

Mississippi State’s Sign for Auburn

That’s so wrong. Auburn paid him $200,000. Continue Reading →