Which NFL team had the best draft?

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Angry Birds: NFL Edition

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Brett Favre Signs One-Day Contract to Retire a Falcon

After reports that Brett Favre had again filed retirement papers with the NFL league office, it is now confirmed that the NFL legend is first signing a one-day contract so he can ... Continue Reading →

Falcons Dump Ice Water On Old Man

That's attempted murder when someone is that old. Continue Reading →

Awwww, Georgians Are Adorably Dumb

They also think the Georgia Bulldogs are the best team in the SEC. Continue Reading →

Matt Ryan May Want to Consider Wiping Better

Preventing skid marks is usually the last thing young quarterbacks learn. Continue Reading →

The Atlanta Falcons Abuse Women

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A Falcons fan tells Michael Vick that she wants a puppy for Christmas.

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Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith tells officials that it’s not their job to tell Matt Ryan to stop touching himself.

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