VIDEO: Phillies Fans Hilariously Mock Craig Kimbrel’s Stupid Mound Stance

The fact that this hasn’t been done before should give great shame to all baseball fans. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Braves Fan Captures Braves Season by Taking a Foul Ball to the Face

He’s still better at baseball than B.J. Upton. Continue Reading →

Pictures and Details of the New Braves Stadium Complex

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VIDEO: Phillies Fans Shocked by Dan Uggla’s Game-Winning Grand Slam

It’s easy to make fun of Phillies fans, but anyone would be shocked by Dan Uggla just making contact with a baseball.  Continue Reading →
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Brian McCann Rips Brian McCann for Greed and Lack of Loyalty in Signing with Yankees

Former Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann laid into New York Yankees catcher Brian McCann today for signing a 5-year, $85 million contract with the Yankees. “Where’s the ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Shocking Poll Results Find Only Cardinals and Braves Fans Think Yasiel Puig is “Disrespectful”

  Thanks again, Cardinals and Braves fans, for protecting the nation from the scourge that is fun. Continue Reading →
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MLB Announces Plan to Dispatch Braves Players to Remaining Playoff Sites to Monitor Game Respecting

With the Atlanta Braves eliminated just four games into the postseason, MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced today he will utilize the team’s highly attuned awareness of baseball’s ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the 2013 MLB Playoffs?

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VIDEO: Marlins Fan Takes an Evan Gattis Home Run to the Junk

He has the misfortune of attending a Marlins game in September and then this happens. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Braves Fan Nearly Kills Himself Trying to Get a Foul Ball

Your browser does not support iframes. Hey, you can’t blame him. A Major League Baseball costs, like, 6 bucks at a sporting goods store. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Old Man Braves Fan Falls Over Backwards Reaching for Foul Ball

Your browser does not support iframes. He is fabulously wealthy and has everything in life he could ever want. Except a foul ball. Continue Reading →
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Braves on Pace for the Biggest Collapse in Baseball History

The Atlanta Braves are baseball's best team through the first two weeks of the season. But it's not early-season history the team wants to make. The Braves want to turn more ... Continue Reading →

Who has been the best acquisition of the baseball offseason so far?

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Sad Braves Fan

Bad umpiring is forcing him to try to remove his brain. Continue Reading →

Cancer Patient Loves Chipper Jones

Best fan. Worst patient. Continue Reading →

Red Sox Fan Wants Chipper Jones’ Old Man Ass

Someone should show her the ass on Jamie Moyer. Continue Reading →

The Atlanta Braves Are Bad People

This is really going to hurt the perception of Native Americans. Continue Reading →

Apathetic Christmas from the Atlanta Braves

We wish you a blah blah blah. Continue Reading →