VIDEO: Bret Bielema Talks About His Player’s “Incredible Ass”

If anyone knows asses, it’s Bret Bielema. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold the Face of Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball

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VIDEO: Bret Bielema Becomes Latest Arkansas Coach to Crash into Pavement

He should wear a helmet the next time he walks. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Arkansas Razorbacks Fan Struggles with Keg Stand

Ouch. He hit his face. Now he probably looks like Bobby Petrino. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: “I’m a Bielemer” Fan Song

Probably a little long. Like, all-of-it too long. Continue Reading →

Arkansas Pig Lady Sings to Marcus Lattimore

Why is she trying to torture an injured player? Despicable. Continue Reading →

Car Dealer Mocks the Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas’ season has been a long, skidding motorcycle crash on their face. Continue Reading →

Arkansas Razorbacks Lady Sings Song of Support

Bobby Petrino would hit that. Continue Reading →

The Kiss Scene for the Bobby Petrino Movie Has Already Been Written

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Bobby Petrino’s Art of Seduction

He took that at the Fayetteville Sears Portrait Studio. Continue Reading →

Arkansas Fans Pay Tribute to Bobby Petrino with Blonde Blow-Up Dolls

Sex with a blow-up doll can’t really be called an affair, right? RIGHT?! Continue Reading →

Arkansas Reportedly Looking for Best Eunuch Football Coach Available

With Bobby Petrino now dismissed as head coach at Arkansas, the Razorbacks are without a head football coach for the second time in less than five years — which each vacancy ... Continue Reading →

Picture from the Bobby Petrino Rally

Yeah, he has sex during the season, too, you know. Continue Reading →