Ludacris Dressed as Anthony Davis for Halloween

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If Kobe and LeBron Had Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

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Anthony Davis Loses to Armenian Wrestler in Olympic Unibrow-Off

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President Obama Mocks Anthony Davis’ Unibrow

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Anthony Davis Encourages Young Kids to Work Hard and Grow 7 Inches as a High School Senior

Former Kentucky star and presumptive No. 1 overall NBA pick Anthony Davis spoke to a group of boys and girls at a basketball camp and told them that if they work hard enough, they ... Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis Portrait Made of Kix and Reese’s Puffs

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Anthony Davis is Now Working in Fast Food

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Bubba Watson’s Anthony Davis Unibrow Tribute

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EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Davis’ 2012 Spring Semester Class Schedule at Kentucky

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Anthony Davis Will Spend His First NBA Paycheck on Braces

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A Unibrow is Not Anthony Davis’ Only Visual Sin

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Anthony Davis as Dave Chappelle: "Game Browses"

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The 10 Greatest Anthony Davis Unibrow Tributes

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