PICTURE: Rams WR Austin Pettis Has a Mighty Ducks Tattoo

Maybe the Rams would be better at hockey. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Watch Corey Perry Fills Jeff Carter’s Gloves Up with Water

This kind of thing is what people mean when they talk about intangibles. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ducks Score Awesome Game-Winning Goal on Ducks

Look at that tic-tac-toe passing. What a team.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Patrick Roy Shoves Dividing Glass at Bruce Boudreau

Roy are you doing? Calm down. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Teemu Selanne Announces He’s Playing One More Year with a Good Video

Only the truly great ones are willing to wade shoulders-deep into a pond for a YouTube video. Continue Reading →

L.A. Sportscaster Uses Hockey Terms “Phoenix Suns” and “Third Quarter”

He'll be excited when he finds out the Kings won last year's hockeyball trophy. Continue Reading →

Dave the Cat Likes Watching the Anaheim Ducks

Traitor cat should be a Florida Panthers fan. Continue Reading →

Report: Anaheim Ducks Suck

They’ve returned to their early “Mighty Ducks” form. Continue Reading →

Slapshot Fells NHL Ref

That’s two minutes for hitting a ref with the puck. Continue Reading →

Ducks Fan Makes His Case for World’s Douchiest Fan

He should expect a significant free agent fan offer from a New York, Boston or Philadelphia team. Continue Reading →

Parenting 101: Always Flip-Off The Coach When Holding Your Kid

The kid's first word was "mother." His second was "f—ker." Continue Reading →

Corey Perry Scores Longest Own-Goal in NHL History

If he had done that between periods, he would've won a gift certificate to Applebee's. Continue Reading →

This is a lot funnier than any of the Mighty Ducks movies

This aired during the 2010 NHL Awards. Ryan Getzlaf played for Canada at the Olympics. His Anaheim teammate, Bobby Ryan, played for the U.S. That's all the setup you need. (Oh ... Continue Reading →