Charlie Sheen Quotes Allen Iverson

Coincidentally, Charlie Sheen's next acting job will also be in Turkey. Continue Reading →

If NBA Players Used Foursquare

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Iverson, Restaurant Hostess Agree to 10-Minute Deal

NBA free agent Allen Iverson has struck a 10-minute deal with Ruby Tuesday restaurant hostess Lisa Tierney.The deal pays Tierney a base level of two months rent in exchange for fornication ... Continue Reading →

Allen Iverson Fires God As His Agent

Allen Iverson, whose time with the Memphis Grizzlies lasted just three games, has fired God as his agent — the deity Iverson credited for bringing him to Memphis. "God chose ... Continue Reading →

Tweet of the Week

From @alleniverson AKA NBA guard Allen Iverson … I would lead by example. I could show how important it is to work hard everyday, play the game the right way, & just like it's ... Continue Reading →

Allen Iverson Keeps It Real for 2,548th Straight Day

NBA free agent Allen Iverson spent all day today keeping it real, the 2,548th straight day he has done so. The mark is thought to be a record for keeping it real for consecutive days ... Continue Reading →