A-Rod’s Pre-Written Apology Letter for the Entire 2015 Season

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PICTURE: Brandon McCarthy, New Yankee, Isn’t a Big A-Rod Fan

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Report: A-Rod May Have Done Some Steroids and Then There’s This Other Guy and a Suspension or Whatever

According to some stuff on TV and a few baseball people on social media, it seems Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is in trouble for taking steroids or maybe not steroids put at ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Detroit News Station Remembers Nelson Mandela and/or A-Rod

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PICTURE: A-Rod Poses at Second Base

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PICTURE: World’s Dumbest Boston Fan Thinks A-Rod is a “Looser”

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PICTURE: Alex Rodriguez’s 2012 Children’s Book Was Prophetic

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Report: A-Rod Can Avoid MLB Suspension by Publicly Admitting He’s a Dickhead

According to sources in the front offices of Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez can avoid a suspension similar to the one levied against PEDs user Ryan Braun ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: NY Post Clearly Happy to Have A-Rod to Kick Around Again

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*Apr 14 - 00:05*

Alex Rodriguez Not Sure What He’s Ever Done to Deserve the Scorn of Yankee Management

Injured Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez said today that he is "shocked, disappointed and hurt" that general manager Brian Cashman got angry and used a profanity in reference ... Continue Reading →

Report: Baseball to Punish A-Rod by Making Him Play Baseball in Public

Major League Baseball will seek to suspend Ryan Braun and about 20 other players linked to the Miami clinic Biogenesis that is at the part of the sport's latest performance-enhancing ... Continue Reading →

Maryland: The Naive State

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“New York Post” Working Around the Clock to Develop Headline Blaming Hurricane Sandy on A-Rod

New York Post staffers say that they are working diligently around the clock to come up with a headline pinning devastating Hurricane Sandy on Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. ... Continue Reading →
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A-Rod on ALCS Defeat: “On the bright side, now we all have more time to get laid”

The New York Yankees were swept out of the American League Championship Series by the Detroit Tigers in a series that somehow seemed even more unbalanced than 4-0. But third baseman ... Continue Reading →

Kobe and A-Rod Texting During the Game

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Angered Over Benching, A-Rod Quits Yankees; Joe Girardi Hailed as World’s Smartest Man

Yankees skipper Joe Girardi announced today that highly-paid third baseman Alex Rodriguez would not start Game 5 of the ALDS, setting off a string of events that suggests he may be ... Continue Reading →

New Statistic WAR-ROD to Measure Postseason Wins Above Replacing A-Rod

Major League Baseball announced a new officially recognized statistic today that will be used exclusively in the postseason and will evaluate players on how much better they are than ... Continue Reading →

Alex Rodriguez Strikes Out to End Cardinals-Rangers World Series

The Cardinals-Rangers World Series ended in an odd, yet unsurprising way Friday night, as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez struck out for the third and final out in the ... Continue Reading →