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Alabama Knocks Off No. 1 Notre Dame in Stunning 42-14 Upset

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Notre Dame on Monday night in the BCS title game, somehow routing the No. 1 ranked team in all the land by four touchdowns. "We knew that they ... Continue Reading →

It’s BCS Championship Game BINGO!

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Alabama Fan Alerts the Media About Elephant-Shaped Booger

It’s a sign from God! That Alabama fans have poor hygiene. Continue Reading →

Oregon, U Mad?

Wyoming doesn’t know what sports are. Continue Reading →

Ryan Gosling Researching Role as Alabama Cheerleader?

So … hot? Continue Reading →

Nick Saban Pranks Big East by Telling Them Alabama Wants to Move There

In what associates are calling "the ultimate Saban dick move," Alabama head football coach Nick Saban phoned Big East commissioner Mike Aresco this morning to express "serious ... Continue Reading →

The Most Bama Truck Tailgate in History

Not only are they Bama classy, their mohawk classy. Continue Reading →

Alabama Fans Celebrating Oregon’s Loss

They have flatscreen technology in Alabama? Huh. Continue Reading →

Portrait of an Alabama Fan’s Range of Emotions During a Loss

Man vs. Manziel. Continue Reading →

Tracy Wolfson Hates Nick Saban

She is like America in that way. Continue Reading →

The Faces of Alabama Football Fans

Needs more houndstooth. Continue Reading →

Asian Person Spotted at “College GameDay”

The sign is what gave it away. Continue Reading →

The Official Face, and Chest, of Alabama Football

That is a lot of canvas to work with. Continue Reading →

Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Michigan vs. Alabama

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Who is your pick to win the BCS championship?

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Alabama Baby Already Brainwashed

A baby in Miami does this too: "Where's the scumbag? Where is he?" Continue Reading →

Alabama Football Museum Ad Shockingly Cocky

Fun Fact: It's the only museum in the entire state of Alabama. Continue Reading →

Old Man Alabama Fan Sings “Call Me Maybe”

You win, Carly Rae Jepsen. Continue Reading →