10 Reasons Nick Saban Could Become the Head Coach at the University of Texas at El Paso

1. UTEP only has one win this season. The Miners could be looking to get rid of head coach Sean Kugler. 2. After years of being overlooked in their football crazy state for the likes ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Nick Saban Thinks Football Fields are Triangles

You can’t even blame that on a Bama education. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Nick Saban Head Jello Mold

  Nick Saban doesn’t eat Jello. Jello is for the weak. Continue Reading →
bama poodle

PICTURE: Someone Have Mercy and Teach this Bama Poodle How to Kill Itself

This is the kind of thing PETA should be focusing on. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: A.J. McCarron’s Mom and Girlfriend Pose on Cover of Magazine That is Not a Parody Somehow

“I’m not self-obsessed.” – Kathryn Webb Oh, yeah. Totes. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Miss Alabama Has the Most Bama Dress Ever

No helmet? She would look better with a helmet. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Alabama Fan Tattoo Expresses “Allegence” to the Crimson Tide

Rowl tyde! Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Recruit Elijah Hood Hates Alabama and His Plumbing

Flushing Irish. Continue Reading →

AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend is a Moron

What have you done to us, Brent Musberger? Continue Reading →

The SEC Even Wins at Football Girlfriends

Maybe parts of them are fake. Continue Reading →

Sign from Alabaman God Appears During Nick Saban Gatorade Shower

Maybe the “A” means “Asshole.” Continue Reading →

AJ McCarron Discovers Everyone Wants to Have Relations with His Girlfriend

Like she'd ever date an old bald guy like LeBron James. Continue Reading →

12 Proposed Titles for Nick Saban’s Next Self-Help Book

_In 2007, Nick Saban published "How Good Do You Want to Be?: A Champion's Tips on How to Lead and Succeed at Work and in Life." He has won three more BCS titles since ... Continue Reading →