USA Hockey Wears British Throwback Jerseys

Hoping to boost jersey sales off of their success run at the Sochi Olympics, the U.S. hockey team took the ice today in throwback British jerseys. “I think it’s a good look,” ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: T.J. Oshie Mashed Up with the “Again” Scene from ‘Miracle’

Watch it again. Continue Reading →

Kurt Russell Begs Team USA to Win Hockey Gold So He Can Maybe Get Another Acting Job

Actor Kurt Russell sent a hand-written letter to Team USA’s hockey team this week in Sochi, imploring them to win gold and expressing his desire to act in a second Olympic hockey ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jaromir Jagr Enjoys a Good Rub-Down

It’s special to get that on Valentine’s Day. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: This Grandma Has Won the Sochi Olympics

Hopefully she enjoys the picture of her eyeball. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Swedish Snowboarder is a Wu-Tang Fan

We may be from different nations, but we are all part of Wu-Tang Clan.  Continue Reading →
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Tuukka Rask: “I can’t remember if I’m from Finland or Norway”

Goalie Tuukka Rask minded the net for Finland in their opening game of the Sochi Olympics, an 8-4 win over Austria. But after the game Rask told his teammates that he’s not sure ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Dancing Norway Superfan

Vikings have fallen so far.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Even Canadian TV Chyron is Very Polite

Canada gives everyone medals as long as they are polite. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Sochi Winter Olympics Hat

That Packers fan is a TRAITOR! Continue Reading →
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Ryan Lochte Tweets Pictures of the Terrible Conditions of the Motel 6 He’s Living In

Inspired by the recent outpouring of tweets demonstrating the subpar living conditions in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, a forgotten star of the 2012 Summer Olympics ... Continue Reading →
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Winter Olympics Sports Ranked by How Likely You’d Die Doing Them

14. Curling Death Chance: Very Low It’s basically bowling on ice. Don’t slip and crack your head and you should be okay. The biggest risk to your health might be getting ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: This Finnish Moguls Skier Did Not Win Gold

He is … wait for it … FINNISH‘d. Boom. Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Essay Rips Vladimir Putin for Human Rights Abuses, Failure to Fund Pink Eye Research

NBC Olympics host Bob Costas delivered an impassioned diatribe against Russian president Vladimir Putin during the network’s telecast last night. The longtime broadcaster opened ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: If Ivan Drago Competed at the Sochi Games

Putin would win every event. He’s just too humble to enter competition.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fire-Eyed Bob Costas Has Turned to Vodka

He should do an eyeball shot to kill the disease.  Continue Reading →

Sochi 2014 Olympics Pickup Lines

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PICTURE: Netherlands Got an Awesome New Flag for the Sochi Olympics

Let’s assume Ralph Lauren designed the abomination that is Team USA’s new flag. Continue Reading →