February’s 10 Funniest Sports Photos

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Team USA Bobsled Brakeman Checks Monster.com Again for Bobsled Brakeman Openings

Steve Masterson, bobsled brakeman for USA 2 at the Sochi Olympics, returned to his computer again this morning to conduct a job search on Monster.com for “bobsled brakeman” openings. ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Sochi’s Terrifying Mascots Have Been Put to Sleep

Stab them in the heart to make sure they’re dead. Continue Reading →

Sports Writers Return from Sochi to Dilapidated Cities with Terrible Infrastructure

American sportswriters have been tweeting out mind-blowing photos of their hometown cities in recent days as they return from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. “Look at these ... Continue Reading →

90,000 Olympic Village Condoms Go Unused: “Athletes just uglier this year”

As the 2014 Winter Olympic games concluded Sunday night, an unprecedented 90,000 condoms still remained unused in the Olympic Village, a fact expert are contributing to the appearance ... Continue Reading →

Canada Wins Hockey Gold, Goes Into One of Its Drunken Stupors

Canada won the gold medal in men’s hockey on Sunday, dominating Sweden for a 3-0 victory and plunging the nation’s 35 million citizens into one of its drunken stupors. “Braaaah ... Continue Reading →

Young American Hockey Player Dreams of Growing Up to be Canadian

Little Alex Perry, age 7, has been skating since the age of three and playing hockey since before his fifth birthday. His parents say he loves the sport and watches it and practices ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Matt Lauer Ends Sochi Olympics by Making Fun of Costas While Looking Him in the Disgusting Eyes

Many others have made the joke, but none on national TV to the guy’s diseased face. Continue Reading →
Weir polo

Johnny Weir Finds Great Deal on Polo Shirts on Latest Shopping Trip

NBC figure skating analyst Johnny Weir said he scored a “major deal” today on polo shirts, getting two for $20 at a Russian department store. “I spend a lot of money ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Chicago Sign Claims USA-Canada Loser Keeps Justin Bieber

No deal, Canada. You created him. He is yours. Continue Reading →

A-to-Z of Why Canada Sucks

It’s hard to hate our friendly neighbor to the North. Maybe this can help. A – Animals We’re just trying to relax and watch some TV here and what comes on but a commercial ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Curling Narrated as an English Nature Documentary

Sir David Attenborough needs more catchphrases if he wants to make it as a sports broadcaster. Continue Reading →

Vladimir Putin’s Post-Russia Hockey Loss Gmail Inbox

Putin uses Gmail? That’s way too easy for the NSA to hack.  Continue Reading →
ShaunWhite Olympics wikia

Shaun White Reveals He Has Been Battling Clinical Unstokedness

In a brave and candid interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer today, snowboarding star Shaun White revealed he has been struggling with much more than just a disappointing 4th place finish ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Russian Fan Medals in Olympic Hat

Mr. Putin, tear down that hat. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Biathlon Competitor Finishes and Fails at the Same Time

At least she didn’t accidentally shoot herself. Continue Reading →

NBC Heavily Promoting Bob Costas’ Exclusive Interview with Bob Costas’ Eyes

Bob Costas will be back hosting NBC’s Sochi Olympic coverage Monday night and the network is promoting his return with an exclusive interview with the broadcaster’s infected ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Terrifying Sochi Bear Mascot Can’t Fit His Giant Head Into a Car

This is how all Sochi Bear nightmares end: you jump into a car and he can’t get you. Continue Reading →