Patriots Fan Air-Humps During NFL Draft

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Jets Fan Has the Best Analysis of the 2013 NFL Draft

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HONEST NFL.com Headlines: 2013 NFL Draft

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Talking NFL Draft with NFL Draft SuperFans

The Cowboys are the best, but have the worst quarterback. Got it. Continue Reading →

Drunken Johnny Manziel Streaks NFL Draft Stage Holding Heisman Trophy

The 2013 NFL Draft got off to a memorable start Thursday night. Moments after the Kansas City Chiefs used the first overall pick to select left tackle Eric Fisher from Central Michigan, ... Continue Reading →

2013 NFL Draft BINGO!

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Chiefs Apologize After 6-Team Deal Leaves Them Without Any Draft Picks

"Ah, crap." That was Andy Reid's reaction when informed of Kansas City's final take in a six-team trade that saw the Chiefs trade the No. 1 overall pick in the ... Continue Reading →

Hilariously Positive News Stories About NFL Draft Picks Who Turned Out to be Busts

2006: "Perfect storm of events" blesses Arizona with Matt Leinart Continue Reading →

Report: Chiefs to Trade No. 1 Overall Pick Just to Ruin All the Mock Drafts

According to several reports, the Kansas City Chiefs plan to trade down in the 2013 NFL Draft and give up the No. 1 overall pick. "I don't know if this is the best thing for ... Continue Reading →

Who would you take in the NFL Draft?

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The Draft Philosophies of 8 NFL Teams

Load up on one position in the draft so you have depth, giving you the luxury of abusing your starter to the point of serious injury. – – – – – The worst ... Continue Reading →

Tyrann Mathieu Just Trying to Not Get Arrested for a Few More Days

Tyrann Mathieu says he can't wait for the NFL Draft so he can begin his professional football career and also stop worrying so much about getting arrested. "This has been ... Continue Reading →

Chiefs Leak Photos of Them Making Out with Geno Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs today leaked photos of team management with Geno Smith at a Kansas City night club, including several shots that appear to show them all making out. "What ... Continue Reading →

Female Kicker at the NFL Combine Struggled a Little Bit

That is an awesome onside kick. Draft her in the first round. Continue Reading →

How the NFL Combine’s “Gay” Questions Went Down

Can a GAY player be ELITE? Debate! Continue Reading →

NFL Draft Debate: Naive Mormon or Pothead?

Utah is awesome at always being exactly how we’d all expect Utah to be. Continue Reading →
NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Notre Dame

NFL Teams Asking Manti Te’o to Sexually Assault a Woman to Prove He’s Not Gay

NFL teams are reportedly concerned that draft prospect Manti Te'o could be homosexual and are asking the former Notre Dame linebacker to clarify his sexual orientation. "We're ... Continue Reading →

Shamarko Thomas Runs 4.3 40, Falls on His Face

Roger Goodell will fine him for that blow to the head. Continue Reading →