Brandon Weeden is So Old He Predates Modern Media

They also don’t know if he has great wheels, because he was born before wheels. Continue Reading →

Redskins: "Kirk Cousins is the right quarterback to move us past the 40-hour Robert Griffin III era"

The Washington Redskins introduced new quarterback Kirk Cousins at a packed press conference today, describing the 4th Round pick as a great fit for the organization. "This is ... Continue Reading →

Russell Wilson’s Wife Has a Large Mouth

She could put that entire mug in there. So hot. (The mug.) Continue Reading →

Fletcher Cox’s Bodyguard Will Destroy You

Someone should draft him as a left tackle. Continue Reading →

Someone even more positive than Tim Tebow is running the Jets’ Twitter account

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Which NFL 1st Round pick was the most puzzling?

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Roger Goodell Has Found Love

His hate-filled heart has been suspended. Continue Reading →

Depressing Washington Redskins Fan T-Shirt

T-shirts, stadium, players, games … really everything about the Redskins is depressing. Continue Reading →

2012 NFL Draft BINGO!

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"Getting Drafted and I Know It"

This song has great intangibles. Continue Reading →

Ms. Immoral Wants to Have Sex with Mr. Irrelevant

They could make sort of attractive, sort of athletic kids. Continue Reading →
2007 NFL Draft

Colts Waiting to Make Decision on No. 1 Pick Until Media Experts Release Their Final Prospect Rankings

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson says he won't make a final decision on who to take with the No. 1 overall selection in this week's NFL Draft until seeing the final mock ... Continue Reading →

Colts Acting Like a Sassy Middle Schooler About No. 1 Pick

The Colts know they suck, but what are you? Continue Reading →

2012 NFL Draft Class Preemptively Sues NFL for Brain Damage

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson headline the list of 2012 NFL Draft prospects/plaintiffs in the latest lawsuit against the NFL over head injuries. The suit, filed ... Continue Reading →

Little Girl Training for NFL Combine

She could play for the Rams right now. Continue Reading →

Worst 40 of the 2012 NFL Combine

He set a combine record by tripping in 0.74 seconds. Continue Reading →

The 10 Players at Every NFL Combine

1. The Big, Disgusting Fatty Half man, half Quadruple D breasts, he decided to show up to the NFL Combine in the worst shape of his life. For some reason, to the disgust of us all, ... Continue Reading →