Which NFL team had the best draft?

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The Giants Got the No. 1 Fan in the NFL Draft

He's probably jolly even after terrible Eli interceptions. Continue Reading →

Your TV Knows the Vikings Suck

Maybe the Vikings will take Mallet in Round 2. Continue Reading →

The Draft Philosophies of 8 NFL Teams

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Clever Patriots to Stockpile 32 Picks in the 7th Round

The New England Patriots are prepared to masterfully out-think all of the other teams in the NFL by trading down in the draft again, allowing them to stockpile value picks to further ... Continue Reading →

Panthers to Use the First Pick to Announce That Cam Newton is a Big Jerk

Without a clear No. 1 overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers are hinting they will instead use the spotlight of the first pick to join the parade questioning ... Continue Reading →

Blake Gavern or Biff Griffith or Someone Shooting Up NFL Draft Boards

The Carolina Panthers say they are prepared to take the player that has emerged as the hot prospect in the NFL Draft as soon as they find out exactly who he is and why they never heard ... Continue Reading →

What NFL Combine workout has the greatest relation to playing football in the NFL?

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NFL Prospect On The Right Rates High On The Nose Pick

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A Helpful Reminder for the Ladies

From @jabaalsheard AKA PITT defensive lineman and 2011 NFL Draft prospect Jabaal Sheard … – – – – – And just look what those hairy nipples forced him ... Continue Reading →

This NFL Prospect Is The Best At Jumping On Balls

Not even Mike Mamula could do that. Continue Reading →