New Orleans Saints  vs  Dallas Cowboys

Week 16 NFL Hangover: 5 Reasons Cowboys Haters Can Celebrate Cowboy Success

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The 5 Worst Preseason NFL Predictions

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Week 16 QB Fashion: The Good, the Bad, and the First Day of School

Johnny Manziel Oh my. There are dudes at fraternity formals dressed smarter than whatever the hell this is supposed to be. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Johnny Manziel MUST become an NFL Success

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SP/FanDuel “Suckiest Fantasy Team Challenge: Week 15″ … NEW RULES! (and win $20)

NEW RULES still in effect for the Week 15 SP/FanDuel Suckiest Fantasy Team Challenge! Continue Reading →

15 Tips for Johnny Manziel on How to Become an NFL Success!

Dear Johnny Manziel, I am writing to give you some advice as you prepare for your first NFL start. Now, you may think to yourself: “Why would I want advice from you? You never played ... Continue Reading →

5 NBA Fights Everyone Wants to See

2. Lance Stephenson vs. Michael Jordan Continue Reading →

Week 14 QB Podium Fashion: The Good, The Bad, and the Ron Burgundy

Jay Cutler — as he gazes into another lost season — was kind enough to arrive at the podium in the Ron Burgundy Winter Collection. The guy looks as utterly lost and depressed ... Continue Reading →

Week 14 NFL Hangover: Formulas Better Than Anything Nate Silver Ever Conceived

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A 64-Team College Football Bracket … RG3 Trade Worst Ever? … Embrace the Suck That is the Knicks

Weekend reading on The Cauldron … The 2024 National College Football Tournament  Worst Trade Ever? - – – – - Ladies And Gentlemen, The New York Knicks! Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE! Interview About Sports with Larry King … ‘s Twitter

Thanks for the opportunity to interview you, Larry. You are a broadcasting legend and I’m a big fan. But I hope it’s not too late to talk? I know you’re a busy and need to get ... Continue Reading →

Quiz: Is Your Favorite College Football Team Going to Get a Big-Name Coach?

It’s coach firing season in college football, which means it’s time for programs to try to fill their open jobs with the biggest names in coaching. Continue Reading →

A Report from the Bulls Eating Dinner at Tom Thibodeau’s House

He is most angry when Doug McDermott accidentally knocks one of the room’s myriad prized mallards off its mount. Continue Reading →

QB Fashion Week 13: The Good, the Bad and the Awkwardness

Zach Mettenberger Zach Mettenberger sports the demeanor of a teenager going through the worst stages of puberty, but who’s dressed like a guy going to play pool at a bar for the ... Continue Reading →

Week 13 NFL Hangover: We Now Know Who Will Win the Super Bowl … and It’s Terrible

Week 13 didn’t provide much clarity to the playoff picture. There are now five AFC teams tied at 7–5, three NFC teams are 8–4 and, with the Patriots and Cardinals losing, the ... Continue Reading →

4 Things You Should NOT Buy a Sports Fan for the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guides are not helpful. They only serve to provide even more gift-giving options when what you really want is to narrow your focus and get your shopping done. Continue Reading →

Week 12 NFL Hangover: Forget the Ratings, the NFL > “The Walking Dead”

For several weeks in a row now, the NFL has been drubbed in the coveted 18-to-49 demo — not the 18-of-49 demo, which is just the TV in Eli Manning’s bedroom — by “The ... Continue Reading →

The Circle of Elite QBs

Is Derek Carr better than Peyton Manning? He is. He’s more elite than every quarterback in the NFL. And also worse than every quarterback. Ready to have your MIND BLOWN!?!?! Continue Reading →