Week 12 NFL Hangover: Forget the Ratings, the NFL > “The Walking Dead”

For several weeks in a row now, the NFL has been drubbed in the coveted 18-to-49 demo — not the 18-of-49 demo, which is just the TV in Eli Manning’s bedroom — by “The ... Continue Reading →

SP/FanDuel “Suckiest Fantasy Team Challenge: Week 12″ … NEW RULES! (and win $20)

NEW RULES still in effect for the Week 12 SP/FanDuel Suckiest Fantasy Team Challenge! Continue Reading →

The Circle of Elite QBs

Is Derek Carr better than Peyton Manning? He is. He’s more elite than every quarterback in the NFL. And also worse than every quarterback. Ready to have your MIND BLOWN!?!?! Continue Reading →
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Exclusive Interview with RG3 … ‘s Twitter

Hi, Robert. Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Continue Reading →

QB Fashion Week 10: The Good, the Bad and the Elmer Fudd

Showing up to the podium after a dreadful 27–7 loss, dressed like you’re about to embark on a hunting expedition with Elmer Fudd and Bobby Bacala is not doing anyone any favors. ... Continue Reading →

Analysis of College Football Fandom Map

The New York Times is out with county-by-county Facebook data revealing where college football is most popular in the United States. The research revealed that … wait for it … ... Continue Reading →

QB Fashion Week 10: The Good, the Bad and the Nose Plug

Kyle Orton Disclaimer: I love Kyle Orton. So despite the fact that I cackle each time I look at this photo, no one can deny how presentable the now-Bills QB looks here. Continue Reading →

Week 10 NFL Hangover: The Browns are TOOOOOOTALLY Not Going to Blow This (Honest!)

The Cleveland Browns are in sole possession of first place in their division. It’s the first time the team has held that spot since September 24, 1995. That ‘95 Browns team proceeded ... Continue Reading →
Magic Johnson on CNN's AC360

Exclusive Interview with Magic Johnson … ‘s Twitter

Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Mr. Johnson. I hope it’s not too early. Continue Reading →

Week 9 NFL Hangover: We Can Still Argue That Roethlisberger Sucks

Ben Roethlisberger went and threw for six touchdowns again, and now no one knows what to do with him. Continue Reading →

NFL Hangover Week 8: Celebrating Flipper, Timmy and the Complete Randoms from NFL History

Records are made to be broken. No. Lies. Records are made to be approached and then broken so we can be amused by some of the names who have set, or nearly set, sports records. Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with Russell Wilson …. ‘s Twitter

Hi, Russell. Thanks for the opportunity to interview you. Let’s get right into it. Continue Reading →

Giants-Royals: World Series “Tale of the Tape”

With the World Series beginning, it’s time for some analysis. But all due respect to the sabermetrics folks, the Oakland A’s have long-since been eliminated from the postseason. ... Continue Reading →

Week 7 NFL Hangover: Peyton Manning needs to ditch the humility and tell everyone to suck it

Peyton Manning made NFL history Sunday night. But no sports history is made anymore without capitalizing on the branding opportunity. Gatorade sent out this tweet just moments after ... Continue Reading →
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** Report: Your Fantasy Team Sucks, But You Can Have a Second Chance (and win $) with SportsPickle and FanDuel **

According to sources, your fantasy team sucks. It’s only mid-October, but you’re basically doomed. Give up. You failed, failure. Continue Reading →

4 Historic Sports Underdogs That Could be the Next to Break Through

These are the glory days of the sports underdog. The Kansas City Royals have swept their way to the World Series. The state of Mississippi has two undefeated and highly-ranked college ... Continue Reading →
Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals

5 Ways to Root Against the (Unstoppable Baseball Power) Kansas City Royals

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals! Their improbable run to the World Series is one of the best postseason stories in baseball history. In just a few weeks, the Royals have transformed ... Continue Reading →

Column: 8.3% of Football Broadcasts is Action; the 91.7% Non-Action is More Entertaining

Another study came out this week highlighting the fact that the majority of an NFL game is not an NFL game at all: it’s just ads and people standing around. Vox Media watched the ... Continue Reading →