PICTURE: Bama Grocery Store Puts “Jameis Winston” on Crab Legs Tag

$19.79? No wonder people steal them. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Avalanche Fan Clearly Struggling to Accept Team’s Playoff Elimination

He will need to self-medicate. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Benny The Bull’s Sign Claims His Team’s Owner Isn’t Racist

Once you lose mascots, you lose America. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Johnson Wang, Creamer

Paula? What kind of weird name is that? Continue Reading →

8 Amazingly Hot Photos of Steph Curry’s Mom, Sonya Curry

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PICTURE: The Most Portland Fan Sign Rips Houston for Not Recycling

Their food probably isn’t even locally sourced, the monsters. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Warriors Fan Responds to Donald Sterling by Bringing a Black Guy to the Game

He is black. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Mike Conley Wore a Wood Hat

Mike Conley is questionable for Memphis’ next game with head splinters. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Tony Romo is to Blame for the Collapse of the Indiana Pacers

Never go full Romo. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Brad Marchand is Terrible at Faking an Injury

Left leg. Right leg. It can get very confusing to keep track of them. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Randy Quaid Plays for the Blues and Had His Way with Jonathan Toews

Shitter’s full! Continue Reading →

Blues Lady Breasts, Jesus Getting Booed and Nose Picking: A Weekend of Hockey Fans

A Blues fan made her presence known in overtime… Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Derrick Rose Toy Requires “Leg Assembly”

Children’s toys are becoming more realistic all the time. Continue Reading →
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PICTURE: Gregg Popovich Had an Impressively Gregg Popovich Press Conference

Too bad he didn’t stay for a lot of cliched questions with obvious answers. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Astros Welcomed Prize Prospect George Springer by Misspelling His Name

In their defense, George is a rather exotic name. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Moron Thinks LeBron James is Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose hasn’t looked this healthy in a long time. Good for him. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Knicks “Scoffed” at Computer’s 37-Win Projection in October

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PICTURE: Jonas Blixt’s Caddy is Very Excited by Golf

  He should probably see a doctor due to its yellow color. He’s got that penis jaundice.  Continue Reading →