PICTURE: Even Canadian TV Chyron is Very Polite

Canada gives everyone medals as long as they are polite. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Sochi Winter Olympics Hat

That Packers fan is a TRAITOR! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: World’s Dumbest Girl Thinks She Met Dwight Howard

Maybe the Lakers can sign that random guy. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: No One Even Knows Who Derrick Rose is Anymore

Ridiculous. Denzel Washington has better knees. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Netherlands Got an Awesome New Flag for the Sochi Olympics

Let’s assume Ralph Lauren designed the abomination that is Team USA’s new flag. Continue Reading →

Meanwhile, on ESPN, the ELITE Quarterback Debate Rages On

  The E in ESPN stands for ELITE. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Delicious Sochi Cok Juice

It’s surprising that Vladimir Putin would hold an Olympics with cok/juice so readily available. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Sochi Menu Has Ice Cream in the Ass

It means “an assortment.” Ha! ASSortment. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Perimeter of Sochi Ski Slope Patrolled by Giant Bears

In Mother Russia, slope skies YOU! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Carolina Hurricanes Fan Knows How to Cheer at a Hockey Game

He sells his blown glass creations at county fairs. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Human-Like Beast Sits Behind Buffalo Sabres Bench

Creepy. Why would anyone be smiling at a Sabres game? Continue Reading →

The Funniest Photos from the 2013-2014 NFL Season

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PICTURE: Seahawks GM John Schneider Shirtless with a WWE Belt On

Pro wrestling has long-needed a wrestler in pleated khakis. The Ultimate Office Warrior. Continue Reading →