PICTURE: There is a Doug Fister / Barelyknowher Shirsey Combo

Who is that Werth idiot? Go away, lady! Your shirsey is without euphemism and is therefore worthless. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Scouting Report on Derek Jeter Slightly Complimentary

Too bad they ran out of space before they mentioned how he healed lepers.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Hardcore Golf Training on a Treadmill

He may not have a good swing or be able to putt, but he will never tire while playing terrible golf. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Johnny Manziel Flying Middle Seat Coach Like a Superstar

Does a franchise QB allow himself to fly middle-seat in coach? Or is this a sign of a team-first guy? #debate Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Yahoo Reveals California Chrome’s “Nasal Strips” are Actually a Race Car Engine

Sorry, California Chrome, but a horse driving an Indy Car is blatant cheating. Nasal strips, my horse ass. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Detroit Tigers Have All the Zubaz

Zubaz should be the Tigers new alternate jerseys. No, primary jerseys. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Justin Verlander Enjoys Looking at Kate Upton’s Breasts

Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The World’s Biggest NFL Draft Fan

No one has loved no football being played at all more than this guy. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Frowning and “22th” Made the Browns Drafting of Johnny Manziel Very Browns

#WelcomeToCleveland indeed. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: A Depressed Trio of Browns Fans on the Way to the NFL Draft in New York

Their friend in the Weeden jersey already killed himself. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Mike Evans’ NFL .com Draft Profile Starts with a Downer

The bio continues: “Evans was a bed-wetter until the age of 9.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Heat Beat the Brooklyn Nuts

Editors opens the paper this morning: “Ahhh, nuts.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Gilbert Arenas is Spending His Retirement Destroying Roy Hibbert on Instagram

  Hibbert should challenge Arenas to a fingagunz duel. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Manu Ginobili Enjoys Chapstick

Manu Ginobili is a beautiful man. There’s no point in denying it. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Fartolo Colon

Fartolo Colon? WIN!!!!! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Bama Grocery Store Puts “Jameis Winston” on Crab Legs Tag

$19.79? No wonder people steal them. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Avalanche Fan Clearly Struggling to Accept Team’s Playoff Elimination

He will need to self-medicate. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Benny The Bull’s Sign Claims His Team’s Owner Isn’t Racist

Once you lose mascots, you lose America. Continue Reading →