PICTURE: Red Sox Fan Girl Believes Jacoby Ellsbury is a TRADER

And you, young lady, are a MORAN! Continue Reading →
Calipari BR

Kentucky Fires John Calipari After Discovering Improper Who/Whom Usage on His Résumé

The University of Kentucky announced today that they have fired head basketball coach John Calipari after a review of his résumé uncovered several instances of improper who/whom usage. ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Hank Conger Received Terrifying Sign from Third Base Coach

Properly execute a hit and run … or you must DIE! Continue Reading →

Crips Release DeSean Jackson Over Concern About His Affiliation with Washington Redskins Organization

The Crips street gang announced today they will be releasing DeSean Jackson, amidst rumors of possible ties with one of the most troubled and controversial franchises in the NFL, the ... Continue Reading →

Bracket of Completely Random Things That Aren’t Related in Any Way: Sweet 16!

Temperate Region: Sweet 16   9) cumulonimbus clouds -vs- 12) former President James K. Polk Cumulonimbus clouds are pretty cool looking and usually mean there’s a thunderstorm ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cleveland TV Sports Talk Guy Fed Up with Idiotic Fan Re: Derek Jeter to the Indians

You’re in the wrong business, guy. There’s an unlimited supply of idiotic sports fans. Continue Reading →
Red Sox Parade Baseball

What Your Favorite Major League Baseball Team Says About You

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PICTURE: The Mets are Blowing Fans Now to Get People to Attend Mets Games

Eighteen times in three hours? That fan has a lot of stamina.  Continue Reading →
Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

8 Pictures and Captions from MLB Opening Day 2014

Mariners fans happily celebrated Opening Day with some accidental racism. Continue Reading →
McCarron bigstory

A.J. McCarron Holds Semi-Pro Day

Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron held his semi-pro day today in a vacant lot just off the Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. As many as seven semi-pro scouts watched McCarron, representing ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Cubs Season Starts Appropriately with a Fastball to the Crotch

Hit in the crotch with fastballs since 1908. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: 14 Reasons You Should Root for the 2014 Astros … as Read by the 2014 Astros

Number 15: We’re significantly better than the Sixers. At basketball. Continue Reading →

2014 Major League Baseball Win Total Over-Under Projections

Arizona Diamondbacks – 80.5 The Diamondbacks have a backup catcher named Tuffy Gosewisch. What else is there to know? A guy with that name and position will clearly provide enough ... Continue Reading →