VIDEO: Watch Brooklyn’s Cory Jefferson Shoot One of the Worst Airballs Ever

Sometimes you think you’re at the free throw line when you’re shooting a three. It happens. Continue Reading →

The Crappiest Fantasy Team in America: Week 14

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The 10 Least Googled Sports Terms of 2014

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PICTURE: Philadelphia Sports Media Has No Idea How to Cover the Flyers and Sixers

So the Flyers should tank … but in a different way than the Sixers. Got it? Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Wears “No Indictments” Shirt to Show Solidarity with Authority

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wore a t-shirt with the words “No Indictments” on it to work today to exhibit his unity with authority figures and law enforcement. Continue Reading →

Week 14 QB Podium Fashion: The Good, The Bad, and the Ron Burgundy

Jay Cutler — as he gazes into another lost season — was kind enough to arrive at the podium in the Ron Burgundy Winter Collection. The guy looks as utterly lost and depressed ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Raiders Fan Scalp Tattoo

It’s the tattoo that says: “Hi! I’m a loser in more than one way!” Continue Reading →

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 14

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Week 14 NFL Hangover: Formulas Better Than Anything Nate Silver Ever Conceived

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Senile Warren Buffett Offers $1 Billion to Anyone Who Gets Every Game Right in College Football Playoff

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett announced today that he will pay $1 billion to anyone who correctly picks every game in the inaugural college football playoff. Many close to the ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Arizona Center Pukes on Ball, Snaps it to His QB Anyway

Arizona’s football team will be the first to list player’s on an injury report with Ebola. Continue Reading →

PR Messaging for All 7 College Football Playoff Contenders

Alabama You don’t want to be on Nick Saban’s shit list. Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE! Interview About Sports with Larry King … ‘s Twitter

Thanks for the opportunity to interview you, Larry. You are a broadcasting legend and I’m a big fan. But I hope it’s not too late to talk? I know you’re a busy and need to get ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Luke Donald Has Shot Interrupted by Baboon

He should get Steve Williams as his caddy. Williams would beat the crap out of that baboon. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minor League Hockey Players Gets in Six “Meows” During 40-Second Interview

He deserves to be called up to the National Hockey League meow. Continue Reading →

Report: Nebraska’s Bo Pelini Buyout Includes $17.3 Million Accrued in Swear Jar

In addition to the $7.7 million Nebraska owes Bo Pelini for firing him with four years left on his contract, it was reported today that the university also owes the coach the total ... Continue Reading →

Quiz: 10 Blind College Football Team Résumés

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VIDEO: Some Irish People Watching an NFL Game

On Jay Cutler: “That is the saddest man I’ve ever seen playing a sport.” Nailed it! The Irish understand American football perfectly. Continue Reading →