10 Possible Ways to Tweak the NFL Extra-Point

1. Keep it the same distance, but teams can only use the kicker for one extra-point try. For the next attempt a team has to use someone else on the roster (likely the punter). For ... Continue Reading →

Great Moments in Personalized Fan Jerseys

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Class Requirements for the Bracketology Major

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on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

If the 2014 Oscar Nominees for “Best Picture” Were About Sports

American Hustle Featuring an ensemble cast of white actors, a scrappy basketball team uses heart, intangibles and teamwork to win a basketball championship over an athletic team that ... Continue Reading →

February’s 10 Funniest Sports Photos

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9 Reasons [Player You Like] Will be the Biggest Star from the NFL Draft

He doesn’t care about numbers Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. Other weeks they were way up. That should excite any ... Continue Reading →

9 Reasons [Player You Don't Like] Will be the Biggest Bust in NFL Draft History

He’s inconsistent Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. That’s a big red flag to me, and it should be to any ... Continue Reading →

Completely Uninformed Hot Takes on the Top 20 Prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft

Johnny Manziel – QB, Texas A&M Definitely some maturity issues with this guy. What kind of grown man goes by the name “Johnny”? NFL teams can build around a John ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should be the No. 1 Overall Pick in the Draft?

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A-to-Z of Why Canada Sucks

It’s hard to hate our friendly neighbor to the North. Maybe this can help. A – Animals We’re just trying to relax and watch some TV here and what comes on but a commercial ... Continue Reading →

Vladimir Putin’s Post-Russia Hockey Loss Gmail Inbox

Putin uses Gmail? That’s way too easy for the NSA to hack.  Continue Reading →

16 Photos of Kate Upton Sort of Related to Sports, Thereby TOTALLY Justifying Them Being on a Sports Site

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Mount Rushmore Presidents Debate Their Mount Rushmore

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