Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup Promotional Slogans

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Scouting Report for a Little Kid Soccer Team

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Today’s Reader Hot Takes

On the New York Rangers advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals … 5.30.14 Continue Reading →

To Rick Reilly’s Grandkids:

Thanks to Rick Reilly’s “Jeter State of Mind” for the inspiration. - – - – - To Rick Reilly’s grandkids (whenever you come along):  Continue Reading →

10 Slogans to Go with the New ACC Logo

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Lance Stephenson’s List of Ideas on How to Bother LeBron

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Flowchart: Will You Have to Get Tommy John Surgery?

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Magic Johnson’s 10 Greatest Pieces of Sports Twitter Analysis

1. If Westbrook & Durant continue to play like this OKC will win the series. — Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) May 28, 2014 Analysis: If a team’s two great players ... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Flirting (with a No-Hitter)

  1. Don’t Come on Too Strong Continue Reading →

If Sports Memes Existed in Olden Times

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Legal Analysis of the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Johnny Manziel

SportsPickle had its legal analyst take a look at the Johnny Manziel sexual harassment lawsuit. Here are his initial questions, aided by years of legal training. Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Fix the NBA Draft Lottery

Have attractive girls represent every team at the lottery and no one will complain about anything. Continue Reading →

11 Pickup Lines from Twitter Creepers That Are Sure to Work on Mallory Edens

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