Poll: What Body Part Has Derailed the Most Athlete Careers?

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8 Ways to Slow Down Baseball Games

Baseball is pretty much the only sport going on in the summer. It’s all we have from the end of the NBA Finals until college football kicks off. And what’s better than ... Continue Reading →

A-Rod’s Pre-Written Apology Letter for the Entire 2015 Season

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The Alternate Wonderlic: Do You Have What it Takes to Play in the NFL?

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10 Reasons the Eye Test is Better for Evaluating Players Than Analytics

1. “Analytics” didn’t exist in the old days, but we knew that Babe Ruth was great. We knew that Bill Russell was great. We knew that Gordie Howe was great. We knew ... Continue Reading →

8 OBVIOUS PhotoShops of the 2015 Hannah Davis “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Cover

1. The chances that the Sports Illustrated logo was floating through the sky behind Hannah Davis when this photo was taken are very slim. More likely, it’s an addition through ... Continue Reading →

The Top 10 College Football Recruiting Classes of 2015

1. Alabama Recruiting analysts unanimously say the Crimson Tide brought in a great class. And if there’s anyone you want to trust in life, it’s middle-aged men who spend ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Did Your Team Get a GREAT Recruiting Class???

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Honest NFL Headlines: Super Bowl

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The 7 Pieces of Furniture at Every Super Bowl Party

Chances are you’re attending a Super Bowl party. And while every party has different kinds of people, as humans are like unique snowflakes, almost every Super Bowl party has ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Are the New England Patriots CHEATING?!?!

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Honest NFL Headlines: Conference Championships

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11 New Elements to ESPN’s National Championship Game “MegaCast”

Draft Room – ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay adjust their draft boards in real-time after each play of the National Championship Game while loudly arguing and doing lines ... Continue Reading →

Honest NFL Headlines: Divisional Round

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Honest NFL Headlines: Wildcard Round

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Today’s Reader Hot Takes

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The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2014

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Depressing Sixers Postgame Quotes from After Every Loss of Their 2014-2015 Season

Loss #17 / Game #17 – December 1, 109-103 vs. Spurs Continue Reading →