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Angels Say Mike Scioscia is in the Worst Shape of His Life

Los Angeles Angels players and coaches say manager Mike Scioscia has reported to spring training in horrible shape, some calling it “the worst shape of his life.” “He ... Continue Reading →

NBC Heavily Promoting Bob Costas’ Exclusive Interview with Bob Costas’ Eyes

Bob Costas will be back hosting NBC’s Sochi Olympic coverage Monday night and the network is promoting his return with an exclusive interview with the broadcaster’s infected ... Continue Reading →

USA Hockey Wears British Throwback Jerseys

Hoping to boost jersey sales off of their success run at the Sochi Olympics, the U.S. hockey team took the ice today in throwback British jerseys. “I think it’s a good look,” ... Continue Reading →

Kurt Russell Begs Team USA to Win Hockey Gold So He Can Maybe Get Another Acting Job

Actor Kurt Russell sent a hand-written letter to Team USA’s hockey team this week in Sochi, imploring them to win gold and expressing his desire to act in a second Olympic hockey ... Continue Reading →
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Tuukka Rask: “I can’t remember if I’m from Finland or Norway”

Goalie Tuukka Rask minded the net for Finland in their opening game of the Sochi Olympics, an 8-4 win over Austria. But after the game Rask told his teammates that he’s not sure ... Continue Reading →
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Report: NFL Teams to Gauge Michael Sam’s Willingness to Wear a Blindfold in the Shower

Michael Sam’s NFL future may ultimately come down to how well he does at the NFL Combine, particularly in interviews with prospective employers. According to several NFL sources, ... Continue Reading →

Derek Jeter’s Retirement Tour to Give Baseball a Chance to Praise the Yankee Captain

Derek Jeter announced Wednesday that the 2014 season will be his last. The early notice gives the Yankees and MLB time to coordinate a retirement tour for the longtime shortstop that ... Continue Reading →
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Ryan Lochte Tweets Pictures of the Terrible Conditions of the Motel 6 He’s Living In

Inspired by the recent outpouring of tweets demonstrating the subpar living conditions in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, a forgotten star of the 2012 Summer Olympics ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Essay Rips Vladimir Putin for Human Rights Abuses, Failure to Fund Pink Eye Research

NBC Olympics host Bob Costas delivered an impassioned diatribe against Russian president Vladimir Putin during the network’s telecast last night. The longtime broadcaster opened ... Continue Reading →
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Rick Reilly’s Super Bowl XLVIII Column on Ray Lewis and the Ravens Mostly Lifted from His Super Bowl Column of a Year Ago

ESPN columnist Rick Reilly was dispatched to New York for Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seahawks and Broncos and duly filed his column. But a second glance at the piece now reveals ... Continue Reading →
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Michael Sam’s Draft Stock Skyrockets Over Reports Some NFL Players Will be Uncomfortable Blocking a Gay Man

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was expected to be a mid to late-round selection in April’s NFL Draft. Then after revealing that he is gay, some NFL front office staffers felt ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Throws Tirade as Background Fireplace Still Not to His Liking

“More homey, goddammit!” Bob Costas yelled last night after yet another failed attempt to appease the well-known NBC host with a fireplace to his liking in the background ... Continue Reading →
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Bored David Stern Fixes His 8 Year-Old Grandson’s Basketball Tournament

David Stern is already getting restless in retirement. Just days after stepping down as commissioner of the NBA, reports suggest Stern spent his first free weekend fixing a basketball ... Continue Reading →